I Miss My Beaches

Some people like paddy fields, others like waterfalls. I like beaches. Beaches are great teachers. They teach you about humility, serenity and most importantly, self reflection. It roars and reminds you how small you are, how easy it is to gulp you down and thrust you in its freezing belly. It whispers its arrival and grumbles its exit.
It it two extreme personification of beauty; the gentle horizon of calmness and solitude and the merciless rapier of homes and lives.



lubnaaa said...

I had to get away this weekend. The most viable place was PD. Dekat, and logically convenient.

The beach there isnt as great as the ones in your photos (naturally), but I think the generic quality is exactly what you said.

It made me feel like a speck. A speck with a place to belong, but a speck nevertheless.

afiq said...

Feeling like a speck is remarkably humbling. I like that feeling, being small and vulnerable.

Life's a beach, innit?