Father: Hello.... Mollykutty?

Mollykutty: Yes daddy?

Father: You see Mollykutty last night I went errr... bought shares and unfortunately you see, the stock closed early and I was shoved aside the road spinning, begging for mercy.

Mollykutty: You gambled, got drunk and was kicked out from the bar. Got it.

Father: The thing is, I no money to pay the water bill soooooo you see, come over to Bukit Bintang tomorrow and standby underneath the monorail. They'll be a free shower from morning to evening.

Mollykutty: Okay daddy.

Father: Ask your sisters Ashwarya and Kajol to come along too ah Mollykutty.

Mollykutty: *wags head*

We went to Gombak Police Station to do our case study yesterday and we'd interviewed a police officer about the current design of the police station. We started off asking questions about lockup dimensions and drifted to current affairs; Hindraf to be precise.

The police officers told us that there were many officers from all over Malaysia on standby around KL to assist local police to control demonstrations and some of them have been here for over 2 weeks. Since rumours of upcoming demonstrations circulates relentlessly, they have no chance to go back home to their families. "Depa dah marah tu! Kalo betoi la ada Hindraf punye demonstration lagi, pakat bantai la! Yalah bini tak jenguk nak dekat sebulan!"

It's funny how Hindraf is justifying their actions. A Hindraf demonstrater was interviewed on the streets during the demonstration by Al-Jazeera.

"You call this a free country. They don't even let us demonstrate and express our views on the country. Look! They are throwing tear bomb everywhere, one of my indian brothers head was drenched with blood when one of the bombs hit him on the head! Kroghhhhh, Petuih! (spits)"

Al-Jazeera tried to find the guy drenched in blood, only to found out that the guy only sustained a considerable bump on the head.


And COME ON, ethnic cleansing! Are they sure it's not punic cleaning? Where are they getting their information, Pelita CurryHouse?

And Pak Lah was so mad about the whole thing he struggled to express his anger but was at last successful at it by proclaiming it. Yeah! Way to go monotono!

Now for international news, back to you Afiq.

Thank you Afiq.

I'd noticed hidden satanic symbols and signs 4 years ago when I was 16. I was staring at a Vodafone ad and saw 666 on it. More followed throughout the years, especially when I know more about the symbols I should be looking for.

And you know how subliminal messages provoking us to smoke, do drugs, have sex and other immoral behaviors are embedded in songs to make us do those things unconciously. Like the Asereje song or Hotel California, or even High School Musical and recently hip hop songs. I find it ironic that I hated these songs for no reason, even though I didn't know then that it was encoded with secret messages. God is Great.

Here are some clues about the satanic symbols you should watch out for:


the lone star said...

The world must not and cannot be explained with some crazy conspiracy theory. What's with a star and some devil inside? That star is actually a shared symbol between Judaism, Paganism and more recently Satanism. If you take the crescent and star to be related, Islam shares that "star" too. Stop making theories over stars. It's really very hollow and sounds like a desperate plea for attention.

Pyramids have no relations to stars in geometry perspective. If we follow your logic, anything vaguely triangular is satanic. Sounds ridiculous right? Quit messing your mind with conspiracies. Stop chasing phantoms Focus on more fruitful endeavours.

afiq said...

Hey, you can't tell me what to think n what not to think. WHO ARE YOU BEBEH?

Islam has no symbol actually. None whatsoever. Christianity and Judaism has no so god-given symbols too. We human created them to easily associate ourselves with our religion.

The 5 pointed star has a long history of pagan beliefs. So does the triangular pyramid. I'm not saying these logos are satanic but the person running the whole operation may believe n practice in paganistic rituals and is obviously flaunting his association with it.

lifeinside said...

Conspiracies are a journey one may choose to follow or not to follow, judging by his state of mind in this temporary world. It is not one's position to say the path is right or wrong!

Conspiracy theories help fuel young curious mind like Afiq's, which sits on the same league with all other innocent mortals on Earth that loves solving puzzle. It is part of human nature to question anything foreign and mysterious. The only thing that matters is what you believe, said Robert Langdon who I believe found an end to his conspiracy journey.

He has succeeded in his journey. That matters a lot.

It is not wrong to subscribe to such enigma, only when it is not soul-consuming resembling a lost sufi in his tahayyat.

Know where you stand dude, for it is vital in case you need to return from your journey. I'm inspiring you to dream in case you havent noticed.