Be careful Guys

There will be new intakes this sem in several uni and colleges across the country so read on, wannabe grads!
There are three things we college folks religiously spend our money on: handphones, cars/bikes and girlfriends.
I find this preposterous since most of us are currently under loan. I mean, it's not free money baby, its hutang. PTPTN are like loan sharks, you'll only be able to complete the payment once you're in your late thirties. You'll probably work your ass off to pay off the loan, house and car rent and the mother of all mass financial destruction: KAHWIN...
So think before you spend you money on the new Nseries guys. Your chinese peers don't really have to pay any loan because most of their parents are paying Uni and college fees for them. They believe in the great cycle, to think of their other 6 generation's future. So let them gorge at Starbucks or Secret Recipe, join them only when they want to belanja you. Yeah.
Alternatively, we should keep some of our PTPTN money and invest it in business ventures and seek entrapenuer-driven oppurtunities. Work now, enjoy later.
We have to break the cycle guys. We have to make sure we are in control of our financial situation. We have to make sure that our children do not have to receive burdening loans. We have to jumpstart our financial independance. Coz no one else will.


Hafidz Baharom said...

Gosh. When I was in college, I spent my cash on clothes, food and a computer.

And books...lots of books.

But then, I was on scholarship and living with my parents since college was nearby.

This short article is a good warning of what to expect once you graduate and are going around looking for employment.

Anonymous said...

Hi afiq,

like ur advise but ur remarks that d parents must pay 4 d college is bad. i'm come from cukup makan parents and by paying 400 amonth it will only take 7 years. i love my parents and will take this responsibility for the better of us.

u are rich student u have a car and why blame ur parents. It's normal beb.

Anonymous said...

hey,ur words really stunned me and made me realize bout my 'starbucks' habit..huh..guess I I need to stop..
If not,waa,I'm only on PTPTN maa.
Guess I will not be married till late 30..ahaha.what a life..
~Gud bye my Green Tea Frapucino~

ihaveissues said...

i have to agree with you man!


afiq said...

the first anon sounds like my mother. Never mind that, I'm guessing ur the earlier generation, my parents' generation.

Rich? Are u kidding me.. When I grad, I'll be 35 thousand in debt!

I love my parents too but love and money do not mix well. Love and marriage does though.

Love and marriage, love and marriage, they go together like horse and carriage~~

afiq said...

When you really think about it, it's really astounding how malay parents are more keen on buying new furnitures and renovate kitchens rather than invest on their kids' education.

I mean, even though some chinese folks are not so better off, they'll still pay for their childrens' higher education. I mean have you seen chinese PTPTN applicants lining up to fill in the ptptn form.

Okaylah.. maybe there'll be a dozen.. but compared to our millions.. come onnnn~~~ even relatively well off kids pun apply ptptn.

lifeinside said...

i hate rich dad and forces their kids to take up loans, because in the end their kids hv to pay for it.

like mine.

the concept is wrong. i understood the foolishly delusional value of "kids find their own money" but in term of education, it is the parents responsibility.

missnadira said...

nodded repeatedly..=)

Daniel N. Amali said...

damn. now i know what's pptn or wateva it is. some sort of scholarship i guess. been hearing of it since last month i entered uni. but tak tau what is it.

got to pay it once u graduate? harsh... luckily my sponsor don't require me to do so. As some would put it "you guys are paid to study" :D if its a loan, then ada interest tak?

afiq said...

mestila ada interest!

Working our butt off to pay the debt is fine and all but it won't help when it comes to competing with fellow peers. I mean while I'm busy working 9-5 till I reach my late thirties to pay off my life expenses(including the earliest one:ptptn) My chinese peers would have probably made their family business empire bigger and better and will only be required to work a couple of hours a day!

Fair or not huh?

No fair~~~~~

Yalah, independant, anak dagang la, whatever lah! I want to live a happy and passion-driven life. I want to really have the time to raise my children (probably 2) and have my money working for me, not the other way around. If I have none(money), do I have a choice in this matter?

faiza said...

i think many of us are facing the same matter.

lubna said...

You should read Rehman Rashid's A Malaysian Journey. I may not like him much for his lack of morals, but I like his writing style, and how he opened my eyes to another version of Malaysia's birth and growth. (Of course by this time, they say he's crossed over to the other side. So much for free journalism.)

In one of the early chapters of the book, he touches on this topic - about how Malays would take endless loans to buy big houses and big cars before having their names called up, one by one, for repayment. The Chinese on the other hand would rather work for every penny first instead of being held in debt later.

Does every one race have one common mentality? I am so tired of negative racial stereotypes, but we so graciously live up to them!

Daniel N. Amali said...

a passion-driven life? i wish if i have the finance to do so, traveling all over the world. and yeah, in the end, we can't compare with the chinese. Expanding their business, thinking of the future generations. It takes money to make more money.

hey! that's stereotyping!!! But i do agree with that. Some just don't know their limits, trying to keep up a lavish life with their chinese peers. To add some more, Malays think of their differences when doing things, rivalries non stop. Can't they just think of the benefits?

I never been to starbucks. why waste my money just for a drink. membazir ni wah. Regarding handphones, tak pernah aku keluar duit untuk beli. Kena bagi ada lah, tu pun as present, which i earned it.

Can someone email me details of the ptpn? berapa allowance nya? and the interest too. thanks.

Daniel N. Amali said...

god, kepisan, just got the website on ptptn. atu banar, mental. interest of 4% on loan calculated per month!! gila eh. atu namanya kan menyiksa, ukan kan menolong student tu. government agency kan tu? cubatah ah, nada interest, gila pakah if interest atu compound for 3 - 4 years.

i don't really get it with ptptn's method of calculating. salah kali calculation ku. if banar catu, batah baru abis membayar tu eh

afiq said...

Thanks for your suggestion Lubna!

I don't make up stereotypes. I just see them.

Narcissus, ptptn ni macam ala2 riba but they claim that the 4% interest is intended for their runnning organization.

Sounds like loan sharks to me..

missnadira said...

actually it depends on which uni u are in.some uni have lower fees some like private ones are very for me.i got full ptptn loan for 4 years in engineering course.its rm66k.and i will finish my debt 20 years later by paying 375 per month.i totally agree with afiq.

but actually, we can try to apply for scholar every year. my boyfren did.he was under ptptn until his 2nd year and try to apply for various scholar and he got JPA's starting his 3rd at least he just have to pay half of his ptptn loan in the future.but i'm sure public unis fees are not as high as mine.i never knew that we can apply other scholar during our studies but now he suggest i do the same maybe u guys can try.

Theres a book called The scholarship guide available in the bookstore every academic year starts.i have no choice other than try bcos by that 240 months i'll be around 40 and i'm paying atleast 20k just for the interest.sounds scary right....

i dunt know why anak2 org kaye ni boleh apply ptptn loan just to by an LV bag or doing laser hair removal or make up their cars..its sgt xfaham.......

Daniel N. Amali said...

20 years? that long? old already to enjoy life...

ok ok. ptptn is a loan. jpa is a scholarship. i get it now. scholarship so hard to get kah here?

Anonymous said...


I agree with dye, well let's try for d jpa at least it shorter and easy je, maintain above 3.2 0r better 3.5 cgpa.

kite malayni dah masuk kolej malas nak belajar cukup makan je slalu tapi d other races will go for d best. well guys n girls let's prove them wrong we malays pun boleh study 3.5 cgpa.