Today I learned that whenever I have the hankering to say something remotely alien to topics discussed ( I do that a lot), fake a cough. The pop-goes-the-weasel thing I wanted to say will shove its hazel ass back into the machine.
Our brain is much smarter than we think it really is. It can process speech and translate different depth of the speech's content. It translates the state of emotion of the speaker, the state of urgency of the subject and of course, evaluate whether or not the speech is any important to us. But more than that, it also reverse the speech backwards. This is normally done subconsciously. Scary innit?
The left brain will process the reverse speech and embeds the information in our subconscious mind. This explains a research done on teenagers who listens to certain rock songs. They will respond to the reversed message by justifying it in their mood swings. If a song tells teenagers to smoke hashies, they will have the hankering to do it.
Weird but true..
The malay version sounds cooler.
Pelik tapi benar....

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