Reflect and React

Have you been sexually misunderstood? I was in the middle of sms-ing my blogger friend, due to my sms friendly mood lah, about what we were doing and how stressed we were. I know; so gay but I do pleasure myself with random thoughts with random people to ease myself once in a while. Sms-ing with gay friends helps.
So there was I, sms-ing away and inserted some suggestive statements. He responded positively and sms-ed a few gay things he would do to me. I played along until he was in a verge of sms-climax. "It's 5 o'clock, must go swimming." was my message to answer his "What are you going to do to me baby?" He replied "STUPIDDDD!" I think that made him clear that I was only trying to kill time by exploring some mental images of things I would've never thought of doing, let alone do them. It is what I call Flinging; to be in a balance of boredome and role-playing.
It might occur to them that I am an extremely curious young boy who has a chance of joining the club but really, no, not a chance. Not so because I am not in favour of their fervently 'sophicticated' and 'chic' lifestyle because I figured: It's my life, and it's my style. But because I was bored and my idea of repulsiveness is beyond a bluebottle's. Go figure. I read GQ, KLUE, Modifikasi Kereta, The Economist, Newsweek and Ujang, with supplements from Mastika and CLEO. A victim of many, a follower of none.
So it is pretty irritating to hear people label me as gay because I wear a weird looking flip-flops, or Samseng because I drive a loud car or a Bohemian because I move around a lot. It's easier to be Afiq. Not your boy-next-door-metrosexual Afiq or the-passive-aggressive-compulsive-repulsive-as-if- Afiq. But Afiq.

You know what I mean?

To ignore is to be ignorant. But to be aware is to be aware of awareness. And it is better to be aware of yourself, to keep track on which direction you'll be going in developing your personality. If you have no certain direction, you are on the right track because you are still you and aware of yourself, which is still free from the latching of labels. Yep, labels aren't just labels. They are lifestyles. Dangerously imprisoning lifestyles.

Don't be a prison of your own delusion.

To the blogger mentioned: No 'hard' feelings lah~


your blogger friend hehe said...

i know, you'll write about these things sooner or later afiq.

owh by the way the mall at pj sect 14? there are many malls there. which one? which floor?

afiq said...

3rd floor