I want to touch on many things in small proportions like nasi campur, if you don't mind, my lovely lovely readers. I recently found out that there are over 200 loyal readers who opens my blog daily. GBY. Which can either mean GodBlessYou or GamBatteYo.
I find it interesting and somewhat pathetic that most malay food industry entrapenuers are computers. They are only able to Copy and Paste. Take Sri Gombak's TomYam. There was only one TomYam shop in that area five years ago. Now there are 7. 7 TomYam restaurants. And one satay stall. And yes, they opened another Sri Gombak TomYam, another cawangan, across the street. There is also the infamous Arang Restaurant which is now surrounded by half a dozen restaurants with Kelantan/Terengganu menu.
The Namawee guy is constantly under scrutiny by the government. They are making too much fuss on that guy, which is pathetic. Force him to apply himself to be the next BTN facilitator lah, you kakaktua bigots.
MCA will be going against UMNO's subtle plan to make this country an Islamic state. They keep on quoting the Perak Sultan, repeating again and again to respect the Constitution. I feel like punching them, these MCA politicians. Don't they know that even if Malaysia is an Islamic state, people are still free to opt any religion they want. Plus, they get equal distribution of wealth. So velly velly stew-peeeed.
A 14 year old boy who 'raped' a 14 year old girl was jailed recently. Ngah? He's just a 14 year-old who just found out that cumulative pumping of blood in a penis is possible. He was horny. A girl gave herself to him. So what should he do? Shout Astaga, goes home and repent or buy her an Ice-cream, go to an empty house of an aunt and test his equipment. The girl came back home later in the morning and bila kena marah, blamed the poor guy. 14 year old girls are old enough to control their sexual urges. And yes they are much more mature and (not to mention) stronger than 14 year old guys.
Khairi J is a prick because I think he looks like one.
I like to eat fried mushroom, mushroom soup, mushroom souffle, and other food associated with mushroom. Why, when I get older and (who knows) powerful and influential, I'll officially name a day Mushroomday. Sure it's obscene but we all have mushrooms in us, or in between our legs. Astaga. Oh my god! I. Must. Repent.


ikanrerama said...

amusing musings. really.

mushrooms,afiq??? kinky...ngahahaha. (^_^)

Syazwina Saw said...

The 'prick' was in Melbourne to speak at a forum on Malaysian leadership for the next generation.

I didn't go. Mid-semester tests and all that. Timing, timing, timing.

But my housemate went. The former Piala Perdana Menteri debater verbally kicked his butt, and promptly announced him as unimpressive.

How I wish I could've gone.

Tsk. Timing, timing, timing.

He should visit Melbourne more often. All the applause we give when someone criticizes his 'policies' will tame that ego down a bit.

afiq said...

that would've been interesting. He's such a hotshot here bcause he's rich and connected.

true. a debate would beyond a doubt reveal a person's tru stance..

stop cock talking said...

Afiq do u have very small prick and Islamic prick...stop talking cock ok