Negarakuku Translated

(Repeat) Check it out, yo, yo, yo.

(Repeat) Negaraku, Negarakuku.

I love my country, only when you have a country youhave a home. Only with a home then there will be me, standing herewith youLoudly singing, don’t be afraid. Even though I curse all the time. My song, is just like the durian. Tough and spiky, only. To see if you dare to open it, to look at the truth inside. It can be very stinky, it can be very fragrant. It only depends on what kind of nostrils you have.

Our police is called Mata. Because they have very shiny eyes. Once it’s New Year, they will be very hard working. Holding pens but they will rarely write you a receipt. Because they are thirsty, they need to drink tea. Also kopi-O, want to add sugar? If they add sugar, their mouths will sweetly smile at you. When you are leaving. They will even go “Tata.”

Negaraku Tanah tumpahnya darahku Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju.
This phenomenon, doesn’t need any improvements. Neither does it need strengthening, the police and the people work together. A cup of coffee keeps our relationship temperate. I so very suka. At least I won’t go home and receive a saman (fine orticket). My dad would sure be pissed. I would also kiong kan (swear word in Cantonese for“get raped”), with no car to drive. What to do, this time so very kao lat (an expression,something like aiyo)With no car, how do I go out and play? With no car, how do I wage “wild war”? (I don’t knowwhat it means but I assume it has something to do witha girl) With no car, how do I go and watch ah kua?(transvestites)This country, I like it very much.

5 in the morning
There’s even a morning call to wake me up
Sometimes a few of them will sing together
When you listen to it, it’s like a love duet
The voice ululates like an R&B song
Even though sometimes they sing until it’s out of tune
Even though sometimes they even sing until theirvoices break
Some sound like cockerels, but they wake up earlier than them
This way we can know the time to get ready for class and for work
Don’t blame, the government only takes cares of the natives
Don’t blame, we don’t receive equal care
Only this way we can prove that we

Chinese are not afraid of hard work
Only this way we can train ourselves to find asolution during hard times
Don’t feel weird about their standards Because this only shows that we are smart (or capable)Children who are not spoilt will not be dependant
Because you see some children are still not weaned off breast-feeding.

Rahmat bahagiaTuhan kurniakan Raja kitaSelamat bertakhta.

People who hide in government departments are even better (even more capable)
They can do everything so slowly
Even when people are queuing, are cursing stinky lelai(what’s that?)
They’re chill and unfazed
Sometimes they even bring out their kuih
They eat their nyonya kuih
More people will continue queuing up
Even when you curse stinky lelai it doesn’t matter
Because the guard at the side is dreaming
And he won’t scold you one lah.

They wrap up their heads; walk slowly and cross theroad slowly
When you pass in the car you even have to let them pass first
The most important thing is to live happily; the most important thing is to live comfortably
Don’t be like the Chinese
Busy the whole day, very tough
We really cannot NOT admire this spirit”
Because this is their attitude in life.

(Attitude, attitude)

I’ve been saying good things in this song
I believe those of you who are pissed at me will like this now
The world is peaceful, and full of hope
No one is hurt, there aren’t any riots
You’re so classy, you’re so elegant
Your kicapkicapkicapkicap is fragrant, and you don’t curse
You guys are the most high class, every day it’s just romancing

Listening to Guang Liang Pin Guan (this local Chineseartiste)
But he already ran to Taiwan
Private school students graduate
It’s so very tough to get admitted into local universities
Actually we don’t have to get pissed about this issue
Actually this is the a very noble plan by the government
They want us to explore the world, to find new opportunities for ourselves
To learn things and come back and repay the country
This is plan is so great, I can’t quibble about it
All over the world you can see Malaysia’s children They’re like refugees, so very shiok (expression fororgasm or high)

2007, Malaysia’s having Visit Malaysia Year
The Chinese culture is brought out and paraded
The government doesn’t even care about private school students
The certificate is thrown into the longkang (ditch),just like me

Graduated and went to Taiwan
Learned about things, and got ready to come back to repay my country
I stood on the streets of Taipei with my guitar
But my mouth still sings.

Rahmat BahagiaTuhan kurniakan Raja kita Selamat bertakhta.

Cheh, that's the video kah?

Insulting meh? The fact that he used the Negaraku song for his parody could be perceived by the Malaysian public as offensive but really, do we need to go over the horizon for this? The Negaraku song is originally an english song with an Hawaiian feel, Mamula Moon or most commonly known as the Terang Bulan. It was adopted by the state of Perak because it was the last song sang by a Malaya warrior before he was exiled to the Seychelles. He could've sang Itik Gembo-gembo but he liked Mamula Moon better for its mellow vibe is vibrant and exotic. Like Malaysia.

No, I'm not at all offended by this video. It is somewhat the truth, potrayed in a pretty -in-your-face- manner. Does that make me any less Malaysian to see the logic in the video?

The focal point of the video is the corrupted police force, lazy government workers and the unjust government. The rapper, Namewee must have experienced a taste of giving out duit kopi to policemen. This is not strange at all. I'd seen many taukeh belanja policemen in their kedai and sometimes see how policemen turned a blind eye with a cheap bribe. But with their increase of salary recently, I'm expecting them to stop this indignity. I was arrested once when I was at Melawati because they suspected me of being a chinese secret society member. They weren't the nicest bunch, that I've to admit. But, they're doing the job, and they didn't ask for any bribe. Salutelah.

Government workers, well some or most of them are lazy. They have a pretty static salary, a static lifestyle, a not so static mid-life crisis and a extremely static savings. Who could blame them for being static with their work? They face no extreme challenges and hardships like most businessmen and workers of private sectors. They buy their kuih, go to Carrefour to buy their weekly domestic necessities and head straight back home to deal with their kids. Same-old. Same-old.

Yes, the government has a pretty lopsided ruling on education. Because of their race-induced selection of university students, MCA, Gerakan, and DAP has to adapt to the government education flaws and introduce semi-government chinese schools to prepare students to do their A-levels and study overseas. This had made chinese students to minimize interactions with other Malaysians and caused them to be unfamiliar with the diversity of Malaysia. Namewee is a perfect example, being taught in a chinese school and sent to Taiwan to study.

Siapa salah? Kitalah salah.

It is not uncommon for this to happen. When a minority are forced to face extreme challenges, they will learn to adapt to the harsh environment, causing them to be ahead in many fields. Take the American Jews for example. Once critisized and publicly mistreated by hillbillies American, now they are the frontier in business and management in the whole of US. Japan is another product of pressing international criticism. You bomb me des, I'll make bigger bomb des. You now buy bomb from me des. Who win now deska?

Malay senstivity huh? I thought this is an Islamic state? As an Islamic state, tribalism and racism should be abolished. During the time of Prophet Muhammad, Jews, Arabs and Africans enjoyed equal amount of national pleasantaries. Fact. So shouldn't we do the same, if let say, we're a Muslim country. Non-muslim organizations and political parties should realize this FACT. That they will be given equal treatment if this country is an Islamic country.

I am not so worried about the future malays prospects. Most Malaysian chinese are beginning to become contented with their economical prominence and now(more than ever) began to see the light. The light. Lights coming from LEDs and screen monitors and flickering Samsung phones. More Malaysian malays are working under big chinese companies and later, much later when the older generation resides, the only people capable of continuing business will not be Cosplay enthusiasts, computer nerds, full time gamers, or trendsetters with wacky hairstyles. It will be the plain-looking Malays who uses the LRT to go to work, only to be ketuk by their chinese employers because of this and that. This and that.

C'mon man, we're not so different, Namewee. I know you know that the whole Malaysia knows that we all have to eat rice everyday. Strip your skin and you'll find that your flesh colour is the same as any indians or malays. Well, in the ehem-ehem department Indian might be a bit over-endowed and chinese under-endowed,,.... but that's not the point here! The point is... (what was the point again?)..

Oh right, Merdeka!


renegix_01 said...

Malay senstivity huh? I thought this is an Islamic state?


so much yada yada eh?

how about the azan thingy in this negarakuku?

xde ulasan pon...

the fact that he added 'azan' as one of the ingredients in his 'Negarakuku' cannot be tolerate...

Anonymous said...

" The focal point of the video is the corrupted police force, lazy government workers and the unjust government. "

you missed the most important point here. Nah, not about the govt.

In fact, everyone in the world complains about their govt. Police, civil service etc etc .. That's pretty normal.

But insulting other ppl's belief ( like the azan subuh and pompuan pakai tudung thingy ) IS AINT NORMAL. No-No ! My neighbour lights his setanggi every morning and evening. They smell bad but in respect of his belief, I never complained.

In Germany, to deny the Holocaust is a punishable crime, let alone to speak ill of other ppl's religions.

I hope this Idiot loses his citizenship for good.

So that he could Balik Taiwan, his "NegaraKu".

Maybe he'll learn to appreciate the Malaysia after that.

mimi said...

somehow make me think.. do azan subuh really annoying them that bad sampai comparing ngan ayam...

Hafidz Baharom said...

I have to agree with mimi and renegix_01 on this one.

You don't compare a call to worship with a cockerel.

That's like telling them their incense sticks to please their ancestors are nothing more than mosquito repellents....

We live in respect for other religions, and we expect the same.

Plus, of all the songs to rap, why the f**k choose the national anthem?

Nono Fara said...

clap clap clap...
me too afiq..
i think i dont have to elaborate it more and more la...

seriously, this is too much la..

afiq said...

Shouldn't we give the guy a silent treatment instead of parading the issue like its some leaked efforts to liberalized Malaysia. We are liberal. We are free. We are a muslim state. Titik noktah.

Namawee has the right to be angry because of the government but like most chinese, they find tolerance towards other races excusable, especially when their media boast so much of their own brand of patriotism. To them, the economy is a war. Sun-Tzu style~~

To fight a war, you have to first study you enemy. Those who does this are the generals. The generals will only inform their troops that the enemy is weak to boost their spirits and point out sweeping weaknesses to instill pride in their legacy of control.

These troops, Namawee included has no idea of the powerplayers of the region. They do not see how Malays not only control the politic of this country but also the management of superbrand sectors in Malaysia.

If I am Malaysia, I'm in my fifties and developing slowly but surely, these issue should be dealt with silently. By simply ignoring it. Resisting it will only stir discomfort in my stomach. Its just one bad apple. Gulp down a glass of Milk of Magnesia and push it down the gutters lah.

Ini sampai masuk bulletin3. Angguk2 la ah chai a moi yg tak educated sgt tu. Lagi dorang benci Malaysia. Yea, government kita mmg pandai. Media kiter lagi pandai. Sebelah Petikan Islam Hadhari ada gambar Rita Rudhaini.

Why do we need to resort to force when dealing with Islam eh? Why? Islam had a brutal history of conquering lands once right? This time around, that is not something we should repeat, brutalism-imperialism.

Muslims should win the war of Islamic-misconceptions by conquering the hearts and minds of people, not their lands and goods.

So let it go. And learn. Why do they(some chinese) think that our prayers are useless. Why? Is it the prayers' fault? Is it Islam's fault? Or is it ours?

Ppl like Namawee are like weeds. No matter how you cabut it, it will grow back. When dealing with weeds, we have to gradually spray racun every week. But it will grow back if we stop spraying right. SO let's dig out the soil and nurture it from scratch and plant bunga raya on it.

afiq said...

I am idealistic. I know. I don't believe in Patriotism. Patriotism divides us. Patriotism made Iran and Iraq fought eachother. Patriotism divides the MiddleEast. What happen to Islam? What happen to the application of the Khilafah system?

If we're united under one banner, each and every country will benefit for their efforts and natural resources without the western pipes greedily licking our resources. The first enemy now are not chinese, but our inability to realize our faults, of being complacent and lazy and visionless. Wawasan 2020 is a weak vision. A temporary vision. Our vision should be FREEDOM. Freedom of enjoying our own resources. Freedom of prosecuting parasites. Freedom. Freedom is not free.

See how small Namawee's commotion is compared to the reality of shackled freedom. You tell me. You tell me.

Where's my drive through McDollah???

renegix_01 said...

okayh afiq..this is from my points of they(u know who) think our prayer's call n according to u we(the muslims) are the one who should be doesnt give him any damn rights to insults other's religions like that...u can point out any flaws or any dissatisfaction in goverment policies,education systems or whatever..but YOU CANNOT insult other religions...because religion cames from god...afiq..tindakan x menghalalkan cara...just because he got the wrong ideas about islam (thanx to the wrong doings of non-pious muslims) doesnt give him any license to criticsize it publicly ...if that's the case i also can insult their funeral,their lion dance(noisy) just because i found out that lots of chinese had involved in triad or whatever...i also believe that buddha never teach his followers to committed a sin right?the point is that...if we want to be smart...dont use ur knees..use ur brain mate..u may insults malay in every way u want mate...but here's my advice...NEVER EVER play with religion

Hafidz Baharom said...

once again, i agree with renegix_01.

I don't mind freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but I do mind insensitivity.

That is where this fellow got it downright rude. You don't compare the call to prayers at dawn to a 'rooster crowing'.

I don't compare the burning of joss sticks to aromatherapy.

I certainly don't call Indians stupid for wasting so many coconuts on the road every Thaipusam.

I don't blast the Chinese for all the fire crackers during Chinese New Year.

We have tolerated each other for so long. Why jeopardize that?

afiq said...

Right. I know what u guys mean. But like I said, Idiots are to be ignored.

Or else, they're retaliate nonsensically, to the point tht they could easily be politically correct through the power of concensus. They. Yes, they are many racists bigots out there.

mirul said...

i seriously think if he wanted to insult malaysia, leave islam out of it.

you are explaining the logic behind the lyric - i agree with you afiq. why government servants are static, why the chinese work hard, why why why. but yeah like previous comment you left out the "why's" in comparing azan to a cockerel's voice.

i think you have the nostril like he said - to appreciate the spiky durian but fragrant and delicious fruit inside.

but of course, he forgot that he is not being tolerant towards those that dislike the durian's smell - he is shoving the smell to the nostrils that loathe the smell.

i guess afiq u are simply saying if you don't like the durian don't smell or don't buy it (in this case if you don't like the song don't listen or read the lyric)

but i'm also very surprised you like this one stinky durian afiq. tsk tsk tsk.

Vienne said...

im a BIT agree of ur statement..dats all we have in our lies!!but the way he expressed of his feeling is hurting everyone.....

afiq said...

mirul, I can think whatever I want to.

well, sometimes using profanity and poking fun of sensitive issues are methods to get the message across.

I don't agree with his methods entirely but you know what, with the media getting as much coverage of the issue last week, more people will speak out against the government.

Azan or no azan. We never heard the prophet killing people who insulted Islam. Because he is a tolerant man. Not because Islam was a minority then.

Hafidz Baharom said...

the thing is afiq that when you are ruled by idiots, you should never give those idiots ammo of any kind, especially this close to an election.

if anything, i would think this negarakuku item may have just helped the government's polling in the Malay side just a tad more.

the Prophet may not have killed people who insulted Islam, but I can honestly say the Muslim world has never actually had any patience close to that of those who lived during the time of the Prophet.

Guess that is something we should work on...

afiq said...


Haah kan... The election...

lubna said...

The profanity used against religion in this video is just one step short of becoming the next Danish caricature episode.

And idiots can't be ignored. Idiots need to be told they're idiots to realise their mistake. Silence connotes tolerance (agreement even!), and this is one thing that goes WAY beyond the tolerance level of any self-respecting person of any religion.

Oh yeah. And as much dissatisfaction I have towards certain aspects of my country, a parody of the national anthem is a major NO-NO in my book.

Hafidz Baharom said...

Actually lubna, in this glorious country of ours, telling certain people they are idiots might get you sent to jail or even sued.

Case in point would be Jeff Ooi. Highlight how someone is plagiarizing a famous author in a newspaper and got sued for defamation.

lubna said...

Aput: The idiot I was referring to was the dude in the clip.

But I see your point.

"...telling certain people they are idiots might get you sent to jail or even sued."

Different sets of rules apply to different sets of people. But then, that's already another issue.

Nabila said...

Namewee isn't completely in the wrong for saying it.

Have you ever heard an azan so beautifully recited that you feel so peaceful? That's what an azan should sound like, an honest one given from the very core and soul of the bilal.

Mind you, I have too heard an atrocious azan that makes you want to turn off your ears if it was possible. It sounded like a donkey's voice. Why? Because the bilal did not respect nor believe what he is reciting. I ask, would he have recited it in a casual manner if he truly believed in Islam?

What Namewee is trying to say, is that it's not the content that is horrible, it's how it is recited.

The quality of the recited azan depends on the bilal's belief of what he is reciting. If he is honest and believes, it will be beautiful. And if he doesn't, well, it won't be a pretty sound.

Namewee has heard both the beautifully and the atrociously recited, that is why he says "Sometimes". The 'sometimes' referring to the latter.

So is he in the wrong for saying that the quality of the recited azan is bad? No, because the bilal is wrong too for not believing the very azan he is reciting.

This is my two cents on the Namewee issue which is my opinion and mine alone. You can trash me if you want but try to hear the reason behind it. Try listening to the azans recited, and if you are lucky, you can be in the bliss of hearing a pure honest voice.

afiq said...

Good thinking there Nabila. I'd never thought he may had meant it that way. Genius insights. It was impossible for me to think of his insult in any other way, you knowlah, with the sha na ni gans revolving on a stupid clip. Sha na na na na....

Miss Aida said...

Didn't this guy get arrested?

tahnks said...

Too loud azan subuh..has been raised time and again. The Bilal most likely PAS members believe it is their religous obligation to use huge amplifier to shout azan into the community. The prophet never use loudspeakers or huge amplifiers...Other than that Namawi song is a reminder of the uneven wealth distribution. 80% of wealth with Chinese they still feel not enough! Govt let a few Chinses own billions but many have no money....Top 10 richest men Chinese..

tahnks said...

By the way I agree NaMawi should be stripped of his citizenship. NaMawi obviously take the national anthem lightly or not at all. He thought the national anthem is just another song. The reaction he is getting will teach him and other Chinese like him that there are people who died for the anthem, people who sacrificed and people who will defend the anthem...

lintok3 said...

Afiq Pukimak u sabahan. Jangan nak pandai kutuk melayu. U nincompoop sabahan think that u r qualified just becuz u r accepted into IIU.

Incompetence and laziness is the typical sabahan attitude so don't try to be high and mighty...aFIQ fucking little faggot labelling people when u yourself is so damn ass of a student...make me laugh...