Am I Being Racist?

It's true. We Malays are very tolerant. Very nice. Very sopan.
We've heard many times how all races in Malaysia critized malays for being lazy, sluggish, bribery-prone, complacent and ignorant. Yes, Melayu Mudah Lupa. It showed how tolerant we are in accepting these criticism because we never retaliated in a defensive fashion. We nod and beg to differ.
What if, if in any event, some groups of malays rapped about how chinese cheat their way into business, treat bribery like a formal procedure and how they are entrapeneurs of many kind of piracy as well as owning memberships of underground societies, gangs and even big-scale-prostitution-import-export mafia groups, would these group of people, these malays be racists?
Would I be racist if I categorized all of them as Ah Longs who would lock people up in small cages, kill each other for money, 'defeat' a company by killing the boss's daughter, amah murderers, and money-hungry gang members who rides around town in loud Sedans with parang and pisau hidden in their dashboards?
Malays muslims, are beyond a doubt the best unifier in Malaysia. Let's take the government decision to change Bahasa Melayu to Bahasa Malaysia. If you go to America, a home of many race and culture and ask them what language they are using, will they answer "We use American language." In Jordan, do they have a Jordanian language. Nope, they speak Arab. Does that mean they are from Arab Emirates?
You and I know that the most racists pricks in this country are mostly chinese. Am I being racist?
I don't know, but the aftermath of this mindset is a direct result of the chinese community's indifference towards the diversity of Malaysia. In Kenduris, malays will always invite everyone, all races to attend their Kenduris but how rare is it to have chinese people to invite malays to their parties? You know what I mean? And how often do they respect our homes when their dogs litter in our gardens where our kids play? And how some of them raise pigs in a middle of Kampungs. Have we ever vandalize your Tokong or take away your offerings? Have we ever break into your Retreats and reveal how Christianity is no excuse for having pre-marital sex at these 'Christian Camps'?
We muslims malays are very nice people, yes we are, but do not expect us to be 'nice' when you start a riot and kill our kids. Am I being racist?
Yes I am, because your kids are my kids too. Because we are Malaysians. Get that frieking FACT inside your money-filled skulls and live with it. We're all human beings. We are dark-skinned, you have smaller penises, we are Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I am totally fucking agree with you dude... Chinese are the biggest racist prick in Malaysia. They say, Melayu mudah lupa. In fact, we have to change to cina mudah lupa. They forgot that they lived in TANAH MELAYU. Our land, our malay land. My senior who are working in one of the contractor firm, which is actually a chinese firm, always being bullied by his chinese boss. 1 of the staff, a chinese fella, always receiced a nice treatment, even though he did't perform well. There you see, a clear racist and discrimination in our country. If you wander around the shopping mall,look at any small shops which are advertising for vacancies.It always stated like this: "MALE/FEMALE CHINESE ONLY", even though it is just a small bakery or bookstand. They are acting preposterous.

raihan said...

kinda agree wif u.
bt u knw wht, i guss theyre being racist because we are the ones being racist first.
u knw wht im trying to say?
the Malay rights..quota for Education..blablabla. the NEP...all those semangat MElayu.
i guess this is their shields. being racist and over protective of their race.

p/s; dear Muslims.. why dont we start thinking on Islamisation, rather thn Malayasation (shoot, i dont knw hw to spell).

afiq said...

anonymous is Azim rupanya....

I agree. In newpapers, alot of chinese-owned companies seek graduates who speaks english and mandarin. It indirectly shows how they are not able to work with malays.

Raihan, imagine this: you have two kids who happens to be identical twins. One child is slower than the other in his thinking and physical reaction. So will you let them be and give equal amount of education on both of them? Or will you give the impaired one more attention for him to develop equally with his twin?

renegix_01 said...

raihan...please study history first before accussing 'all of the semangat melayu' is not relevant...may i suggest the 'malay dilemma' first? that book first and understand it properly...for me..not all of the nep's stuff are hazardous to our unity as a malaysian..only SOME of its need to be revamp...and malay special right is a must...(NEP n Malay special right is different)

Anonymous said...

the Malay rights..quota for Education..blablabla. the NEP...all those semangat MElayu muncul sebab apa yang berlaku semasa kita dijajah British.

Tika itu, golongan profesional, doktor, lawyer, peniaga malah kakitangan gomen skalipun dibolot oleh org bukan Melayu.

Melayu ketika itu "naive".
Tak kisah negara diratah oleh bangsa asing. Sebab kita ingin berharmoni dengan mereka. Ingin sama sama hidup dengan mereka. Tak kisah apa nak jadi dengan kaum lain asalkan hidup semua aman dan makan cukup. Mereka fikir kaum lain pun fikir mcm mereka, malangnya tak begitu ..

Tetapi apa yg kita dapat dr kaum lain adalah sebaliknya. Mereka mahu Tanah Melayu ini hanya untuk mereka, mereka yg sebenarnya tak mau berkongsi. Arwah Tunku Abd Rahman pernah menceritakan, ketika awal merdeka dahulu, bagaimana beliau pernah diugut oleh perikatan Cina, dengan ugutan untuk mensabotaj Parti Perikatan sekiranya Tunku tak bersetuju dengan beberapa tuntutan sensitif mereka. Tunku kata, kalau berani, sila la buat. Nasib baik mereka hanya pandai mengugut sahaja. Itu dulu tapi kini, lihatlah apa tuntutan mereka sekarang ? Kertas Math & Sains UPSR pun nak ada bahasa Cina !!?? Apa mereka ingat nih negara China ker ?

Saya fikir the Malay rights..quota for Education..blablabla. the NEP...all those semangat MElayu itu kalau takde, kita semua tinggal rupa je sekarang !!

Look at Singapore, and you shall understand. Takpun tengok jer Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur pun dah cukup ... Itulah akibatnya bila mana kita terlampau " mesra " ...

Jangan pandang lekeh bangsa Melayu lagi. Sudah cukup kita melembikkan leher selama ini. Sekarang kita mesti tunjuk " samseng " kita juga.
Ini bukan soal racist tapi sekadar mengingatkan mereka yg suka lupa.

Bak kata Tunku, " Kalau berani, sila la buat .."

Fikir fikirkan lah.

mirul said...

are you sure they have smaller penises?

afiq said...

Betul tu, we can only stop the special rights once malays are equally competent with other races to take on the country's economy. That time is prettyyyy near. So don't worry lah.

Why Mirul, why do you ask?

I'd met some of my chinese ex-classmates a few months ago and since I study at IIUM, they commented that "Wearing hijjab is a hypocritical thing". I responded by telling her that "Cheong Sam makes girls look like prostitutes"

Give and take.

Give and take.

Hafidz Baharom said...

I think we should consider a few facts. The NEP was after the British, k?

Please re-read history under New Economic Policy brought up by Tun Abdul Razak after the May 13 1969 riots.

I think we should look back into history into why we need all these privileges as a race.

The reason behind it was because the Malays were too poor at the time to be considered equals to the Chinese.

It's basically how the Frence revolution started. The rich bastards were too rich, and the poor bastards were too poor. Thus came the revolution to level the playing field by chopping off heads and storming the prison.

Or in our case, enter May 13, 1969.

So are we on an equal level with the Chinese to cancel out all privileges granted to us?

Yes, some of them.

First off, I would think the Malay purchasing power is enough even without having to buy a house for 7% less.

I have no idea why this one is still around, actually.

However, on the educational field, I foresee the Malays regressing into racial packs due to the fact that people are no longer mixing in national schools.

In terms of university quotas and work quotas, the Malays are still not up to par, with most of us unable to even type proper English.

Case in point would be Raihan, up there.

No offense.

As for the whole Malays need to be the Chairman, or Malays have to be on the board of directors, I would think this should slowly be based on merit, not race nor privilege.

shinzu said...

As a Malay Muslim, I beg to differ.

The most racist pricks in this country are, in fact, Malay Muslims.

But why?

Well first, we need to clarify one thing. You cannot be a Malay if

you're not a Muslim (it's written in the Federal Constitution, look it

up). Therefore, in Malaysia, and of course in the eyes of the Chinese

Malaysians (or kafirs as we fondly nickname them), Malay = Muslim.

See, if I were a Chinese Malaysian, I'd think, why are the Malays

getting the majority of priviledges in this country? Yes I understand

that during pre-Merdeka times the Malays needed aid and assistance,

but aren't we already 50 years past Merdeka? So why are Malays still

getting special treatment? Am I a second-class citizen? What of


If I were a Chinese Malaysian, I'd think, why is there an act in the

Federal Constitution that protects Malay rights? And, why is there

another act to protect the act that protects Malay rights? Get it?

I can go on and on ad nauseum ad infinitum. Of the things Malay

Muslims quietly talk about behind the backs of non-Muslims; Chinese,

Hindus, atheists, etc. (well not that they don't know about it anyway).

But. I think those 2 paragraphs above are sufficient enough.

It's sufficient to conclude that those 2 constitutes racism on a grand

scale. No need for pinpointing a few bad seeds and making a horrible

generalisations of an entire culture of people. We have a set of laws

in our Federal Constitution that is racist in its essence. Can you beat


shinzu said...

Michael Chick. What an amazing write up.

But. Just a thought.

"Malays" do exist. Malays are a culture of people. Well, how do you define that? Simple. Their way of life. Bak kata pepatah Si Dictionary, "The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought".

Well that's just one definition out of many others.

I've always believed that the word "race" applies only to one. The human race. Again, bak kata pepatah Si Dictionary, "an arbitrary classification of modern humans, sometimes, esp. formerly, based on any or a combination of various physical characteristics, as skin color, facial form, or eye shape, and now frequently based on such genetic markers as blood groups".

Again, that's just one definition out of several others.

So macam mana lah? Race = Culture? Or not? Or you have another essay to thrash my sad excuse of a theory? :)

Michael Chick said...

Culture does not equal to race. So sorry to dissapoint you mate. For example, there is a Greek Culture, but no Greek Race. All these and more are very well explained by a very famous Historian in a book entitled "Ancient Studies in Malaysian History" available from the MBRAS. Give the MBRAS a call at +603 2283 5345 and anyone there will be more than happy to help you. It's also on page 3 of this book which the Dato Author penned; and I quote, "Technically Speaking, there is no such thing a the Malay Race....". please feel free to browse this yourself.

Cheers Man

Anonymous said...

ceh.. silly. micheal.. u start research from 6 to 10.. what happen from 1 to 5? if you wana trace back... then who was the 1st human being? what race was it? ceh.. again.. silly.

then what race are the americans? amer? should we classified all the whites as english since they're all from england? what about the french? chinese... now.. try to explain what race when there's so many tribe? ceh.. again.. silly. pointless arguement.

and one more thing.. our prophet name aint "ahmad" its mohammad (peace be upon him)... ahmad has the same meaning as mohammad.

and when you refer to religion.. try to study the history of it. all the "people of the books" all the 4 holy books are from the same GOD. Quran being the latest are the perfect updated version,

(i think god humour us human, he need to see how we evolve and start to create races.. i think HE think enough is enough.. lets end this soon)

so mike... chill out.. ur not chinese at all.. theres no such race as well. huhu..

lots of love.