Do I Have To?

Benda apa yang ada 8 kaki, 2 tangan, 6 mata dan 2 kepak?
Jawapan: Cowboy yang naik kuda sambil bawak seekor ayam.
We had fits of laughter yesterday in the studio exchanging teka-teki.
Ali baru putus cinta, jadi dia pergi ke bumbung bangunan sebelas tingkat dan terjun. Ali tak mati. Kenapa Ali tak mati?
Jawapan: Ali seekor burung.
Those are the top two funniest teka-teki I heard yesterday. None of them could even consider any of my jokes to be funny, since it can only be appropriately laughable when using the english language. They can only 'process' malay jokes. In Scottish accent: I dun carrre!
For the whole week, all cafeterias in IIUM will be close at night so students will get their ass down to the Convo stalls and spend at least RM10 for a decent meal, prepared by the same old cafeteria workers. Ingenious, is it not? And yes, WUFI is in charge of the whole thing. We Unite For Islam. Load of crap lah them. Trust me, they are not the smartest bunch in the university, just the usual -lovin-to-be-contrary- kind of people who still (until now) had not realized that they are in charge of the students' welfare. Whiny lil bastards.
Try and visit their Blog, pathetic I tell you: Harapan

Their Ideals disgust the very core of me. Pile of carefully condensed shit, spread over butter and sprinkled with indigestives faeces.


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