Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Is it just me or buses are not 'IN' anymore? Not even the double-decker type. But still, it is still in demand. I thought by now people should already be changing their balik-kampong transportation option. But na-ah. It's too expensive for most lower-income workers in KL so what choice do they possibly have? Walk ala LOTR to visit Temah of Kampung Tok Siak? Or buy themselves a 35 ringgit joy ride to the infamous gaung. Your choice. Your destination. Your Life.

I read some comments on some newspapers about how the fatal deaths caused by bus accidents are the doings of God. Qada' and Qadar they say. The time of death is pre-determined by God but not how it takes place. Some of my alim friends told me that those who died in undignified manners are just punishments for their past sinss to ease the punishments in the hearafter.

How is that possible when in Padang Masyar, victims of unfair treatments that resulted their death will point at those who are responsible and proclaim "It is he, it is he who caused my dreadful death!"

Getting a little bit preachy there aren't you Afiq?

Yea baby, it's Friday. TGI Friday.

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