Malaysia, Truly Asia

Watched the third Spidey movie with Hadi, Saiful and Putra. Putra, the 5 year old smart aleck has been bugging the whole family with his spidey antiques so off we went, four different looking siblings. Not a day passed without people questioning our sibling status.

Dia abang kau ka, bukan abang angkat?
Kawan ka cousin?
Kau semua anak angkat ka?
Oh my, Howard, get my glasses, this boy is telling me that that chinaman is his brother...
Kay, I made up that last remark. It gets to my nerves sometimes because the way I see things, those questions are inappopriate and malapropos. Mala-what? Malapropos: ill-suited. A new word for you to use in your next term paper. You see in this blog, you'll learn something new everyday!

Well, all four of us are different because our looks skipped a generation. (It happens sometimes) I got my chinese looks from my cina-peranakan grandmother, Hadi got his looks from our grandfather(umi's side) and Saiful got resembles our indian-rooted grandfather. Putra is just so rojak that he looks like an ideal malay. Most of the time, I'll ignore remarks, especially those that takes place behind my(our) back, literally. But when I'm in my best of moods I'll explain the truth behind our Malaysia, Truly Asia facade by simply saying:




Yours truly, eeesh, that phrase is so overrated its revolting

I'm chinese, the other three is Malay and Indian, but ALL also Mamak.


Hafidz Baharom said...

heck, I get the same thing. All my brothers are Malay, but I'm chinese...what the heck is up with that?

lubna said...

Same here. I get that with my sister.

Sorang mata bulat, sorang lagi mata sepet.

Afiiiqqq...Putra is adorable. :)

afiq said...

Tulah pasal, aish, rasa nk ketok je kapla dorang.

He is isn't he. He is in his cute age; whenever he wakes me up in the morning he'll headbutt my head, repeating "Abanggggg, banyon, abaaaanggg banyonlaaa"

mirul said...

i think i share the same dilemma.

^eMiKo^ said...

yeah..u guys do look really diff.. well, i dont hafe the same dillema,but my bro would be the one.. coz he's the only one diff in our siblings..ngeee....

sEaN = Se + An said...

i Am PrOuD tO bE mAlAy Kot