Akademia Fucktasia~~~

Last night, like everybody else, I was watching the Finale of Akademi Fantasia. It was cheesy. Not mozzarella cheesy but blue cheese cheesy.
Honestly though, I see a whole different light in the logic of AF. It seems to me that AF is another one sided manifestation of monetary gain, don't you think? Yeah sure the students, teachers and critics are Bumiputera but the sponsors are mostly Non-Muslims.
Well AF is broadcasted in Astro and was primarily sponsored by Hotlink(Maxis). Duh-uh. The sub-sponsors too were mostly non-muslims. (about 90%) Entah la guys, but I feel that muslims were puppeteered to lure in huge monetary gain from muslim viewers and voters. And remember, we muslims are the among the poorest in our country. I know for a fact that visual hedonism is our (M'sian Muslim) favourite past time but come on... don't you think that AF is a waste of our hard-earned money.
First of all, we PAY for Astro to watch AF and vote for our favourite teenager that suits our voyueristic pleasure and we still have to endure advertisments and promotions during Diari AF and Konsert AF?
Aznil kept saying that our votes (50 cent each) are the students' loan to success but to what extend? Have you not realize that more than half of Muslims in Malaysia live in poverty and 10% of us are hardcore poor?
Do you know who are in dire need of loan? Your children lah. Yes, we teenagers have to depend on PTPTN to keep our university life aloft and will be heavy in debts in yearsssssss to come (very important point-must exaggerate!) Our chinese peers are sent abroad in prestigious universities and colleges and guess what? I'm jealous. Who in fucking hell is not?
While they are exposed to cultural diversities, we are stuck in our parents' house during holidays watching AF. Our parents have enough petty change to spare Aswad from being eliminated and not us from pursuing better education. Now tell me, does that make sense to you?


raihan said...

sungguh melalaikan lah.
even Faizal's(AF4 winner) dad had loaned sum amount of money just for the sake of his son's winning..
and what's up with hijab girls dancing and singing as if it was the right thing to do? yah,i knw i shudnt say tht because ppl will say,'hijab ke tak hijab, its the same'. but,seriously, i am kinda sad wif you girls with hijab dancing and singing dgn penuh bannga. what are those girls trying to prove? that even hijab wearing muslims can enjoy and dance like that? i wonder...
lets just swtich to 'bersamamu' on tv3 and see how many muslims suffer , kids tak dpt pergi sekolah and etc..
far much better.

mutalib saifuddin said...

yes. it seems that they are just 'draining' their money for their psycho 'idols'.

in other way, we are paying more and more money to Ananda Krishnan, as he owns (major stake) in maxis. AF is just like an 'advert' to Malaysians. AK benefits from it. (money comes in). What a good business plan. for heaven's sake.

at last, the winner is winning. the voter is losing.

remember when sharifah al-attas said "Reality TV just doesn't cut it"?


missnadira said...

it's been 5 years..many ppl've talked bout the same thing..but they(the fans) were just..like dat..macam tu jugak..what to say..

this season is the first that i followed..cos here we just can downloaded it for free..so tgk bile bosan pas study n xtau nk wat pe da..seronok tgk gelagat rakan2 sebaya kite yg nak jadi artis.but after this ape pulak.like the tudung girl heliza.UMS student in Degree in Education in Science. Majoring in Biology. If she have a contract with Astro after this will she still continue her studies? not forgetting three other who are just an SPM leavers. Will they be continuing their study jugak after this?

The situation is like this la in our own beloved country, kalau nk blaja susah sgt dpt tajaan. but if for singing..fuhh..semuenye murah hati nk hulurkan 'biasiswa'..

n the situation will still remain the same entah sampai bile..n kitorg ni, slagi ade yg upload,ktorg tgk jela..for fun, but to vote, no thank you..=)

afiq said...

truthfully, I don't give a damn whether she wants to her continue her studies or not. I'm pretty pre-occupied with our own things. Aren't we all?

Tudung or no tudung, I still don't give a damn. At least she's covering her aurah... Kiter tak ngomplen pun kalau pamela anderson slip a nipple. Haha.

I watch tv to release tension bukan nak beratkan mata ngan kesan sifat malas orang melayu. Instead of giving beras and domestic goods, they should send all the kids to asrama penuh and get them educated. Kalau nasi habes ak buat ape> Dorang kat malas, sakit, nape sakit? makan tak betul! I do pity them, really I do but nk buat mcm mane?

Singing... sikit je duit buat bende tuh. Business la bebeh. Bukan MLM. Tu business melayu yg mudah diperbodohkan. Bukan business makan. Business in general lah... The word 'business' is so overrated when used by us malays. We made the word sound cheap!

renegix_01 said...

well..the question is..why most of the viewers are malays?..why malays still trapped in this kind of entertainment thingy...while other races are preparing themself to compete in this capitalisme world which uphold the jungle laws..which are 'the survival of the fittest and the strong shall survive and the weak shall perish'...if we look back again..why is this happening to malay only?...why did the malays still support this kind of programme eventhough clearly it's just a bunch crap that had been created to isolate malay more in this era...yerp..we've already isolated before independence through divide and conquer policy by british goverment..then we've been outwitted by the chinese in economics field..luckily our true leader such as Allahyarham DAto on
Jaafar and others saw this kind of 'invasion' towards the malay and make the malays realised of the danger that they will be facing if they didnt take any action at all..luckily due to that..we manage to get a grasp of political power that had helped the malays to survived...but little by little the malays had forgot again..well..'melayu mudah lupa' rite?..they become more lazier than before..SLEEP alot..hoping for goverment 'tongkat' only...not competent enough to compete...and they live in their own world..fulls of 'hiburan melalaikan',bribbery,Jealous of each other,sellfish n the list goes on....when all of the malays will wake up again and realise the danger that they are facing right now?..do we need another capable leader to 'wake us up from this slumber?'..or do we need to be surpressed and pressured to make sure that we must work hard and not lalai?the answer is the malays need to change their attitude first..but due to the 'warm' protection from goverment for almost 30 years something(NEP,Malays special rights),they have been blinded and cannot foresee the upcoming danger thus making them meLAYU..so malays..please change your attitude first..we are proud if we do something that is useless such as sending mat rempit to terjun dekat kutub utara..my god!..baik gune duit tuh tolong orang melayu yang miskin lar..opss..forgot..the NEP is for the cronies only..thats why the poor are geeting poorer and the richer are getting richer..thanks to NEP that had been abused by the malays faggot due to lack of self awareness...keep on living like that and i can guarantee..melayu akan hilang didunia...

Hafidz Baharom said...

I would think that it's simply profiteering. If there wasn't support for it, it wouldn't have survived this long, thus the case of Malaysian Idol. Two seasons, and no more good singers.

AF is basically the same thing to Malays what Bollywood is to Indians. Escapism.

Miss Aida said...

It's pretty reflective on society. But TV is so damned addictive, it's scientifically proven. Especially to the mentally challenged.

The majority is not always smart.

afiq said...


Isn't melayu a tribe? A race? It is isn't it? Islam trascend that don't you think? Melayu is a very flawed concept of community and should be abolished in the minds of muslims. It should only remain as a language.


No point discussing about it lah because we'll be sending subliminal discouragement in our minds, making us prone of doing whatever it is we're opposing.

In terms of politics, (being idealistic and all...) I don't see competition as a problem. Bring it on bebeh! My family had made it in the construction business even though it is monopolized by chinese contractors. Let me rephrase: Bring it on bebeh!


And why do malays need escapism. Because they have nothing more interesting to do because they can't afford it. It's more economical to leave the children in the house watching tv then having the family out for a picnic. Right?


Hmmm... are you implying that the majority of AF fans are.. mentally challenged?

*nods inquisitively*

renegix_01 said...


renegix_01 said...

nop..melayu is not a flawed consept afiq..melayu is a race!..the probs that we r facing right now is the mentalitiy of melayu which oftenly layu...i disagree with you..if we look back at history itself..melayu did managed to achieved outstanding achievement...forgot the Kesultanan melayu melaka?..forgot of'sesiapa yang dpt menguasai pelabuhan melaka maka dia dpt menjerut leher venice?..it should not be abolish afiq..it shoul be re-polish!im a malay and always be!..but i will make sure that my mentality will not always layu!

Hafidz Baharom said...

Have you seen the people who make it to those concerts? Those aren't poor people, those are the rich ultra-Malay higher class right there.

I think it's more of how the concept of entertainment has warped from physical to simply sitting our asses in front of a glowing screen, and just moving our fingers.

afiq said...

Those who attended the concert are bound to be rich;

1. The concert was held in PJ.
2. The tickets are expensive.

But the viewers are bumiputeras and malays. I lived at Likas which is very near by Kg. Likas and most of the down-trodden houses are littered with grey discs. I asked around when buying kulit ayam goren while waiting for my bros to finish school and all of them (in unison) uttered the same answer:

AF bah~


It is very similar in Alor Setar, Sungai Petani, Taiping and some more kampungs I managed to 'ronda' during the show.

Singaporeans' fav dish: Chicken Rice.

Malaysians' fav dish: Astro


Itu dulu bah, wouldn't you like to see a rich and respected Islamic civilization. Call me idealistic or whatever but I would love to see a world united by Islam. And to make this concept a success, all racial rights should be abolished.

Malay?? Yalah, we're malays and we should all be proud of our heritage but staging a pathetic demonstration of dominance is just childish and regressive.

renegix_01 said...

yah..the truth is that we've build our nation based on nasionalisme not islamisation..so that's why there are lots 'flip-flop' done bye the moslems in msia...i'm agree that islam can be a medium towards unity in msia...i just didnt agree with ur point of view that stated the malay should remain as language!..even during the era of our beloved propeht Muhammad S.A.W...there was alot of races that live happily and treated fairly..n those races didnt remain as language only... u said that's dulu right?..history keep on repeating itself..n i believe if the malays in msia go back to the teaching of islam..we didnt need NEP or whatsoever..hey..i'm an idealistic too..as long as malays didnt devote themself to Allah,understand the islam teaching and applying it effectively..there's no way we can become Ultra Malay..as long as the malays didnt uphold the teacing of islam 100%,..the NEP will be lingering all around..u've talked bout abolishing racial right kan?..as long as malay didnt uphold the teaching of islam 100% in their life..forget bout it..to longgarkan ok..but to abolish it 100%..didnt agree(for the time being)...malays r weak now in msia..its true we have political power but the political power will bow to the economic power..see?..because we r damn weak right now..the idea to abolish it 100% is not acceptable(for me lar)..but we need to LONGGARKAN!..n we need to make it slowly so the malays will not be that terkejut n can prepare themself to compete..call me pembela bangsa yang kolot or ape2..i believe we need to do it slowly...one of the ways are to omit some of the privileges hoping that the malays will stagger and act due to some pressure that the've received...malays can become ultra malays if they are being push to the limits!..

afiq said...


how malay are you?

I'm jawa + bughis + cina peranakan+ mamak + siam.

How is that malay? haha

Bumiputera? Aborigines (org asli) are bumiputeras.

The only thing identical about 'us' is 'our' language. Our culture and state of mind differs greatly.

I have to admit though that I'm still young to talk about racism and the likes but being in a dog eat dog business, it does teach you a thing or two about 'malays'. They victimized each other to get to the top, only to be toppled by a handful of chinese.

3 chinaman met and formed an association

3 indian met and formed a union

3 englishman met and formed a pack

3 malay men met and fought.

idanadirah said...

well, we are the minorities. as much as you hate it, look at how many people are still watching it and voting for AF even if they despise it. waste of time, waste of money, corrupts the human mind... what else? its like the academy of the retarded fantasists. i think the world is crazier than i am.

hmsb said...

hmm, from the comments above,

i suppose i can safely assume that most of your readers (myself included) agree on the fact that:

-AF is a joke and it is a horrible, horrible scheme to subconsciously extort money from our already financially poor population.

Therefore we should stop endorsing it.

Now, if only there is some way we can stop people from actually watching it, because oddly people yang kutuk2 osso seem to know quite a lot about it.....

Perhaps they watched it to gain a further understanding on the deterioration of our generation's mind?

Somehow i doubt that.
But hell, what do i know *shrugs shoulders*

romsam said...

The malays have been taught the wrong ideology and values (the NEP, Umno special privileges, etc) and it is going to be very difficult for them to achieve the noble aim and to create 'Towering malays'.

Towering malays? In Malaysia? But what would happen to the NEP? To special privileges? To Umno? They former can't exist at the same time with the latter because they do not share the same values. As a matter of fact they are the exact opposites.

For decades the malays were made to think and believe that material gains and submission to their political masters, were the values and ingredients of the day that would bring them untold success. To put it simply, what the ruling elite says or does will only benefit them and their cronies. I have witnessed these on many occasions up close and personal for more than 30 years.

To young patriots, I urge you not to lose faith in your Bangsa Malaysia. But you must be willing to accept the reality that the policies like the NEP, on the pretext of leveling the playing field has instead stifled and choked, the very creativity and imagination needed for us to succeed in the modern world.

These crutches and respirators were cobbled by your own leaders to protect their own self-interests, the same self-interests that are holding you back.

If the malay leadership is serious and sincere about achieving the noble aims and in creating Towering malays, it must first these replace these policies with those that do not take into account creed, race or religion. This is the plight our malay brothers and sisters will find themselves in if they keep on being spoon-fed by the government.

The cage is getting overcrowded and the handouts will soon get smaller and ultimately stop, as globalisation comes knocking. Then, when the cages are opened, all hell will break loose and they will start perishing in the wild as in the wild, only the fittest survive.

Heed the prime minister advice given at the last Umno general assembly - throw away the crutches and learn to fly again like the proud Malayan magpie, which was born to be free and rich in song.

yuking said...

The very foundation of Umno are lies - lies about May 13 riot, lies about secularity of constitution, lies about special rights, lies about supremacy of court, and of course lies about the NEP.

How can our accountability and transparency not be limited by the very lies of the foundation of our governance?

fong said...

Well, here is one for you if you think that economic grounds is the only reason for many to migrate.

I will be leaving this country within the next one year.

If you must know, currently I am earning a five figure salary, living in a luxury condo in the heart of KL, own another landed property in Bangsar and have two kids who are three and five respectively. I also have a maid, who for a mere RM400 a month, helps my wife to look after the home and kids.

Yes, I will be migrating to the land of the white-man soon. And guess what, I don't even have a job to go to yet in this white-man's land. But you know something? It doesn't matter to me as I know that with my skills, I can get a job there if I look in the right places.

They do not ask me if I am Muslim or a bumiputera before giving me a job. All they look at is my CV which speaks for itself. And I don't need to be connected to a 'Dato'.

I wouldn't even mind taking up a lower level job as long as I can look after my family and at the same time give my kids the option of a better and fairer future. There is no guarantee that my kids will become scientists or doctors. But merely knowing that they have a fair option is more then enough for my family to decide to take this giant step to uproot.

My lifestyle in this white-man's land will definitely be different. But just as I had strived for 10 years in Malaysia to create my wealth from nothing at all, what is there to stop me from doing it all over again? In fact with the same effort, I should be much better off.

To put it bluntly, I am prepared to take the risk of emigration at the age of 38 with my family 'on tow'. The question arises - why should a person in my capacity want to leave when I have all that a person can wish for?

Some should stop looking with malice at people like me who make a choice to migrate for the betterment of our family's future. He might want to do a proper study on how much Malaysia stands to lose from skilled people leaving this country simply because they have had enough of it.

Please crawl out of your tempurung and look around at the amount of money that is being wasted in this country to make the well-connected malays rich. They have nothing to complain about as the government is prepared to give you anything even when in many cases you might not deserve it.

If you want to talk about fairness, then look at the titles that have been given to malays who had not done much at all. The round-the-world sailor who had to be assisted by the Royal Malaysian Air Force with an expenditure of about a million ringgit and the swimmer whose feat is not accredited by organisations monitoring English Channel crossings.

What about the first Malaysians to make it up Mount Everest, where are their 'Dato' titles? Perhaps a title for the medical student who crossed the English Channel in almost half the time of the former 'hero'?

I know of malay students in University Malaya. I know them well. You see, I didn't get the chance to do a proper science course locally and had to struggle to fund my overseas education by begging and borrowing.

You might also want to find out the real reason why the 128 students were not given medical seats in local universities even though they had very high scores. Are you saying that these students are inferior to the matriculation students?

Do you know the pains of studying in order to score excellent results in the STPM? Please, feel free to furnish me facts so that poor souls like me would be convinced that the policies of this country are just and fair.

If you have ever heard of the simple saying, "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime." you will realise that many non-malays have learned how to fish but the government is still handing out fishes to the malays.

One day the fish will run out.

tim said...

NEP - A truly Never Ending Policy!

Let us look at all the countries around the world.

Is there a country that has achieved economic equality among the races?

Let us not be fooled by the power-that-be.

Vote for change at the next election!

vesewe said...

It seems to me that BN is a fellowship of cheats and thieves, corrupted and unprincipled idiots, morons, sexists, tyrants who steal from public coffers.

God, with 90% BN members in parliament, who needs a parliament?

wihong said...

I was studied in Melbourne for 2 years, I met a lot of Malaysians who had emigrated to the country, some of them are work in big company such as NEC, Nissan etc, some of them open restaurants (there are Malaysian restaurants everywhere in Australia), and their life is fairly and good treated by the locals.

In Melbourne, a lot of Malaysians (99% Chinese) live in a suburbs, most of them send their kids to local school, and all have no problem on their nationality and race because besides Malaysians, there are also a lot of Japanese, Singaporeans, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesians, etc. They can learn their own language without any restriction from the authorities. And everyone is compete on level playing field, everything is based on merit.

The living environment there is very nice, clean air and water (water can directly drink from tap), nicely built roads and residential area, almost perfect mass transit system (although I feel that Singapore is better) where you can live and travel easily without own car. Living cost there is relatively cheaper compare to Kuala Lumpur (dollar to dollar).

The main reason for this migration is that some of them felt that they were second-class citizens (the Chinese) and third-class citizens (the Indians) in the country that they were born in. The high cost of living and non-support from the Malaysia government have also resulted in smaller families among the non-malays.

For those who ran away or are thinking about running, my best wishes to you. But for the others who stand and fight, my respect for you.

samp said...

We have the tallest, longest, largest, greatest, grandest, biggest, everything; and now some record breaking events, falling, collapsing, cracking, bursting, break-downing incidents in new buildings. It is only the beginning.

ruyom said...

The bad though is that Umno cronies continue to live with the same sense of falseness. The good news was that at least now there isn't any pretence from Umno in terms of its agendas and policies.

They continue to hang on for dear life despite doubts of the current leadership or they lack the courage to do the right thing. I truly feel ashamed of Gerakan, MCA and MIC leaders for what I associate as taking slaps with a smile.

The refusal to adapt, change and grow has become a way of life with the Umno malays. Abuse of power, lack of virtues and the shameless acts of corruption become the only way for survival.

Let history be the judge of the malays for throughout history it has been proven time and again that a false sense of 'supremacy' will ultimately result in a downfall. Survival is a funny game.

The ability to adapt, change, grow and reinvent is among the formulas that have been proven to work. The Umno refusal to adapt and change will lead the party to its own extinction.

afiq said...

aaaaah... haikal, did u just spammed me with ur NEP hoolabaloos.

Me No Happy.

Me Mad.

Me Enraged with Mix Feelings

Now me Sad.

Me Sleep.

renegix_01 said...

nop..see..all the comments above said that NEP is a stupid policy..no need to sad,have mix feeling or ape2 afiq..those comments are reflecting the reality and what most of them(non malays) are thinking...so that's why in order to correct all of those flaws..we need to urge the malays to change their attitude..i intentionally did touched on this subject because i want to show to others(malays who read ur blog) the reality of the situations out there in hoping they will realise and change for a better tomorrow in msia!..well they said in order to succes u need to make a small step right?..consider this as the small step...as i said i personally didnt agree with that policy because u can see the effects in long terms right?..but..but..we cannot take it all away in the same times...we need to do it slowly by slowly..why?..you go outside and look at your malay fellows..do you think most of them are ready to uphold the challenge of losing it suddenly?..no need for me to elaborate further about rempits,penagih dadah and others...i understand ur ideas and the non malays thought bout this matter..i really understand..but afiq..go back to reality..u can guarantee the future of rempits,drug addicts and others?..i'm not defending them..just want to say..if we want to make some change in the malays society...we CANNOT DO IT in one day....we need cannot do it in a swift of times...can u guarantee by abolishing the NEP 100% can make the malays become the towering malays?..lols..i believe that in order to guide the malays in becoming the towering malays...we need to take the NEP slowly from the malays..because it has infected the malays so badly until it has become a cancer in malays society..i believe i'm a realistic and i understand clearly malays outside...n thats why i said we need to do it slowly!.....remember to understand ur environment first .For the non malays...i understand your feelings and we are trying our best to make msia as a better place for all of us to live...we will try to urge the malays to get over their tongkat..but we cannot do it in one days...it may takes a month..or a year..but hear this..as all of u have spoke bout ur thoughts...remember that there are lots of malays out there that didnt think like the way we think and will get angry if you try to abolish the NEP or malays special rights...if we want to tackle them..we need to do it slowly...why do u think DAP n DAtuk SEri Anwar didt manage to get major supports from the malays?..because their policy is to abolish NEP..okayh..before anyone hentam me or what..that's the reality...so for this knd of people..we need to do it slowly..omit the policy ONE BY ONE,SLOWLY ,NOT ALL AT ONCE...

afiq said...

rite.... so u didn't send in the comments? Coz the timing is fishy.

And why are those 'people' talking about NEP when the core subject that matters is AF.

Semangat ye haikal, fire needs firewood and my supply of wood is running low. So don't let me throw in Shieldtox.

u malay enthusiast you...

renegix_01 said...

^^..okayh afiq... sorr for invading ur blog thus destroying its peace and tranqualitiy..ahaha..but hey!..29 dispensable toughts!..ahahaha..banyak tuh...ahaha..okayh2..why dont you come over to my blog and make some havoc pulak?..mane lar tau dpt 29 gak...ahahaha... btw... i'll be going back to msia 27.6.. can we meet IF u have some times lar..because sarah always told me that this architorture course always making her life so miserable..busy lar..ape2 lar... i though it might be fun to hang out together...okayh..if u think im gay..bring her along lar..ahahaha

Hafidz Baharom said...

how the heck did this turn from a discussion about AF into an all out bashing of how Malays are not Muslim enough or how the NEP should be abolished...?

That's like trying to get to Alor Setar and taking the highway to JB.

What the heck....

To whomever it may concern, the Malays are not weak because they do not follow Islam 100%. The Malays are weak because they don't follow the very thing Islam stands for.


Let me just be frank. Malay muslims are entrenched in their own heritage, their own state, their own income class, even their own conservative and liberal beliefs, to the point where we cannot unite.

I am a liberal who thinks that whatever a Muslim does is between him and God. I'll advice them whenever I can, and I'll leave it at that.

As Afiq pointed in his later entry, the aged look down on the young as religiously dumb, to the point of actually stating that he'd go to hell.

I read my doa's in English, because I don't trust the mosques, especially after listening to one pray for the destruction of kafirs by the bullets of Muslims penetrating their flesh.

After that, I've lost faith in most Imams in the Klang Valley altogether.

As for the NEP, it is well to note that I still stand by my staement of what's wrong with it.

Lack of brotherhood, plus the exploitation of the people by those in power.

By that, I mean UMNO.

UMNO goes out every year to every village and preach that the Oppostion wishes to abolish the NEP, and that is a bad thing.

However, they also don't explain to these villagers how they can use the NEP to their advantage.

No, they don't. Therefore, the only ones actually making a profit from the NEP are the rich fat f**kers up top, and the ones defending their riches are the villagers who vote for them.

That's all there is.

afiq said...

yep, that's how things are.

Anonymous said...

im proud to be malay.. born as muslim. and btw, wats so big deal about being malay.. races etc.

aifq seems to be so malu to admit he's malay.. and prefer to be muslims. hey! arabs are still arabs! chinese are still chinese! watever.. islam defined us all. but we'are still wat we are. malay muslims, chinese muslims.. watever dude.

stop arguing whose right or wrong. just embrace it all. aint that wat islam is all about.. evolving and defining.

and about AF.. everyone have their own right for opinion. and this is mine... think of how much money the company make.. then think of how many job it offers back. i know it sucks.. but for all who wish to assist.. do something.. stop bickering for malay sake watever.

btw, am just a passerby. not buying just browsing.

afiq said...

yeah, you're quite right actually. I don't like to refer myself as a malay. Yep.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Part of Dr. Syed Husin Ali's keynote address during the previous PKR Congress:

"I notice the government has succeeded in crippling the mind of the people. In their primary and secondary levels, students are denied the type of education that can open their mind. At the university, undergraduates are so controlled that they cannot think critically, with open and knowledgeable mind.

In addition, the mind of young people from all groups, but the majority of them Malays, has been systematically crippled by all kinds of entertainment programmes, which lullaby them to sleep. Any excuse can be given for any public celebration or entertainment.

The whole idea is to distract the youths from thinking about the problems faced by the country and their own generation. They are drawn away from any interest in politics, and encouraged only to give their support to the government leaders.

Their mind is stunted and crippled. This is a great tragedy for the people and the country in the future. To avoid this future tragedy, we need to change the situation from now..."

No intention of politicking whatsoever here. But if you lot don't think what Pak Syed sez is true, I don't know what else is.

afiq said...


On the contrary, from where I study (UIA), freedom of expression is limitless and students are encourage to debate about issues untouched by the rest of the student populace; explaining why UIA won so much debate competition.

The problem we face here are the students' themselves. Some malay students never engaged non-malay muslims in conversations (apa lagi debate!)

I can also see that other universities are somehow trying to blunt students' curiousity and inquiries by simply shutting them off.

renegix_01 said...

AUKU anyone?

afiq said...

apa itu?

renegix_01 said...


check link tuh untuk tahu lebih lanjut ttg auku

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irzan said...

i wait for the day when afiq will become politician and correct today's shit.

i want malaysia combined country with iran, not indonesia.

indo sucks, people so ugly. later malay all become ugly.