Kotobian Tadao Kaamatan

Yesterday was a holiday to us Sabahan. It was Harvest Festival, Tadao Kaamatan, Drinking Day. A day everyone is entitled to drink their kidneys off and shout "Aramaiti!"
We (my family) spent the day drinking teh tarik at Tanjung Aru beachside. 3 years ago Tanjung Aru was a strip of sand with steamed corn and peanuts vendors alongside it. Now, we have to pay RM1.20 for the parking ticket and we will be subjected to choose our outing option. There's an exclusive mini mall for the rich and famous and a gudang-style shelter with stalls within for the nonchalant and careless, divided by a 3 metre gate. Classic.
We then went to watch the ending of the Pirate Trilogy at Cathay which is next to another cineplex, Golden Screen Cinema, divided by a two-way road. Cathay is comfortable and expensive. GSC is cheap and manky.
After the suggestively prolonged parlay-ing, we went to Pasar Filipin to buy a whole chicken for me to make my parent-permitted, baby-approved abalone-chicken soup. The fish-smelling, soot-filled Pasar Filipin is just infront of the bulky larger-than-life 5-star Le Meridien Hotel.
Anyone who visits Kota Kinabalu will notice that there are 6 Mega Malls under construction and the city itself is promisingly similar to Penang. The difference being, Sabah is the second poorest state in Malaysia and has the highest poverty rate. Sabah's poverty rate is twelve times Sarawak's poverty rate. The rich and poor gap is so obvious that overlooking it is just so blardy stewpeed.
I can never understand Sabah's politics. Never. The rich gets richer (especially politicians and their chinese businessmen parasites) and the poor gets poorer. And nobody's complaning.
With so many political parties, how could Umno be in charged of this state for the longest time? What happened to the rotation system? And seeing the state of the Wolf of Borneo, I could not help but wonder whether Musa Aman gives a damn about his state or not. Is he at all concerned? After a long mandate, results proven that he hasn't the slightest concern for people in the Pedalaman and their Kais Pagi Makan Pagi Kais Petang Makan Petang lifestyle.
So is it politically wrong that I, a citizen who is witnessing the slow and ongoing injustice to conclude that Sabah is operated by a very corrupted organization?
It doesn't even matter anymore does it, when the Wonder Juice does its wonders and poverty is swept away by temporary intoxication. Aramaiti everybody, Aramaiti!


Rodrigo said...

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Toufu Slayer said...

How to maju? Leaders all macam lalang... parti mana ada duit, they'll jump into the party (I think everyone knows about Sabahan famous frogs story by now) Next thing you know, there's no more significant opposition party in Sabah. No opposition party means BN no longer have to do anything extra to gain the voters' votes... *Sabah Maju Jaya* uh~~

afiq said...

Corrupted frogs they are.

Aaah, a Sabahan.

The force is strong in this one.

Anonymous said...


umno xpegang sabah.but barisan :)

mirul said...

i heard musa aman is a pakistani. he became a malay over a day.

afiq said...

no, he's mamak. ada pakistani blood la..

mcm Dr. M la..