Enlighten Me

Remember Arundhati Roy, the architect who wrote The God of Small Things? This video is her response to the Palestinian land occupation by Israelis and the likes.

I can't believe that Palestinians had suffered for decades to retain a stretch of land they call Home. I know, I know, Israeli-Palestinian rock throwing missile launching antiques is so frequent, we're becoming numb to the news of dying youths and exploding busses. We're human, repetitions bore us to death. Even deaths.

Pity. Pity results inquiry. It ends with the letter Why. Inquiry results answers. Answers leads to images, propaganda and news. Images, propaganda and news will make us, once again, to pity. A cycle of unbearable conscience, with neither a beginning nor an end. THAT is our state of mind, humanity fades like a washed newspaper.

Enlighten me, how can we break this static cycle?


renegix_01 said...

ur questions lead to the moslems itself..as we can see nowadays..moslems itslef have been divided by several mazhab's..but im not saying that if we use one mazhab we can unite..no..if u look at the arabs especially..the culprit that makes chaos in the moslem world is the wahabi or also known as assalafi...im not blaming the ordinary wahabi..just the extremis one..because of them..the image of islam have been missinterprated by others..n because of them..it's hard to save palestine...because of them..the unity between islam countries cannot be reach..thanx again wahabi!(extremist only!)

mutalib saifuddin said...


firstly, found your blog through a link in Serendipity's.

kudos on your writing about Palestinians.

You know, such this kind of events have been on for already decades, but why almost nobody (i mean, governments or UN or sombody) did nothing to stop that? It's a kind of monotonous watching such footage on the TV. Annoyed. We, adolescents (that i am) now almost can't do anything to overcome it, it seems, but the only thing: empathy and to offer prayers for them. Really. There's nothing else we could do. (Is it?)

What says you?

afiq said...


ok,... the term wahabi is new to me. The extermist wahabis are no more different than oppurtunist priests who used their affliation with god to gain wealth. They don't give a damn if their dividing followers as long as their pockets are full of MUNNNNY!


We can actually, by preparing ourselves to become powerful through the attainment of knowledge..

Long term lah~

sEaN = Se + An said...

HomE iS wHeRe The HeARt iS bRo-Go FiGuRe!

Anonymous said...

palestin israel... its part of natural history.. there will never be peace there... jews are doing their part. so does the christians & muslims. not all jews are bad.. not all muslims are good either, same goes with the christians.

its a balancing act that god has plan. peace will only be in the after world. now we all just have to try to be our best... for all this is a test. not only to muslims.. but humanity as a whole no matter what religion you follow.