Marching With Nothing but Courage

Watch the video. I literally cried watching it.
To make those zionists out of ammunition, boycott their products. I know its hard but its harder to see and feel more and more of our brothers and sisters dying.


^eMiKo^ said...

hey.. watched the video.. and was reli touched.. how could they??? was touched olso by the hijab story.. yeah..makes me feel guilty coz not wearing it properly..i men.. when my hair comes out.. huhu..

afiq said...

heart-wrenching isn't it. Watch arundhati roy's video la to know more about the suffering of palestinians.

lubna said...

*shakes head*

irzan said...


afiq i have better suggestion.

support hizbullah, support iran. support everything they do, support everything they make.

support syiah, support faisal tehrani. even if it's temporary, at least until palestine is liberated.

i am sick and tired of crying imams with buckets of tears that still have puppet governments that supports the US - the saud's.

may Allah curse be with their blood money. Amin.

Quanda said...

Good words.