Iraq is winning

I'll make things real simple.
Despite US efforts to stabilize Iraq by using ridiculously prejudice method such as handpicking a Prime Minister from the minority Syiah as oppose of garnering the support of the majority Sunni, they are clearly losing. The main purpose of the War which was getting multi-national corporations to collect the arabian land's resources is constantly halted by disruptions.
They (US) might think that the disruptions are random and are caused by confused and emotional Iraqis but the fact is those distruptions are caused by a single party. The party deliberately sparked movements in different directions with each direction focused on different motives to confuse the coalition force, making them unable to get to the root of things. The objective: to exhaust and drain US's resources. US is now becoming financially implosive and democrats are doing anything they can to keep US's economy aloft.
Loyalty is just a word. World Bank or the UN will no longer side with the US if the coalition purposes are dismembered, subsequently causing the the US's financial colapse. That is why Bush is insisting to let Wolfowitz keep his job because he is loyal to the Bush's administration and will keep on substaining damages caused by the 'War on Teror'. With the election soon, if a new US president is selected and he does not side with needs of the all powerful multi-national corporations, another JFK incident will occur. If it occurs anyway OR the new president surrendered his soul to the rich and powerful, they will still lose the war and will not gain profit from it.
It's another Vietnam. Bush's rowdy cowboy method of resource piracy is attention grabbing by nature and clearly, it is a very kantoi way of covering a globe-scale crime.
In short: Iraq is winning. Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh...... Sekian..
*Afiq continues doing his chores*


mirul said...

support syiah, support faisal tehrani.

afiq said...


that's really not my point. But whatever suits you lah~

mirul said...

i know. hehe.

sEaN = Se + An said...

StRAnGe.. PeOpLe ArE sUfFErInG yEt We CaN hElP bUt BoAsTeD tHaT iRaQ Is WiNniNg..OMg