What's Black with White Substance?

Scene: in a Meeting Room
Subject: Product Labelling

Chairman: A new product was released yesterday and it had become apparent that due to the throat-slitting branding industry, the company had made it clear to me that we have to become more creative in naming this product.

Secretary: There are approximately 186, 751 biscuit companies that have biscuits that are almost similar to ours.

Creative Director: Hmmmm.... I can sense the need to be out of the box, so to speak. Since most biscuit companies opted the sensation or the emotional depth in biscuits, we should not be aligned in the same tune.

*everybody mumbles "he's speaking gibberish again"*

Creative Director: I think that our biscuit's name should be descriptive, to be made a part of a successful mouth-to-mouth promotion.

Chief Promoter: I like your idea, but we should be thinking directly into the problem and meet eye to eye with the community to capture the expectation delightful names. Let's call our product, Delightful Names.

Infringement Officer: I don't think that's possible. Let's cut it short. According to my statistic, Peace-related names have never been used. Let's use the name STOP WAR.

Chief Promoter: I like your idea, but STOP WAR is too insensitive knowing that many countries are in a middle of war. Stopping war will cut off the profit of multi-national coperations and that right there will decrease our sales among multi-national coperations' families and friends

Creative Director: Aha, Let's call it Wheels 0r Wheelers. It seems to be that the biscuit is somewhat similar to the physical apperance of Wheels.

Infringement Officer: No no no, wheelers are suggestive and may hurt the feelings of gay customers.

Chief Promoter: I like your idea, but I can sum up the most common pleasant name that can also describe our product. STARRY STARRY NIGHT, a night that is filled with stars and it IS pysically related to our product. It is the most famous painting by Van Gough and we can even use Don McLean's song to advertize it.

Infringement Officer: Absalutely NOT! First of all, Van Gough had never sold a painting in his lifetime and that alone would imply out status as a biscuit supplier. And secondly in Don McLean's song, Vincent died remember? No Vincents will ever buy our biscuits!

Chairman: *switched off his MP3* Let's get straight to the point people! What's black and has white subtance?

*Creative Director floats in a Yoga position and scribes began to materialize and revolve around the meeting rooms. Green and purple lights strays the beckoning afternoon sun and smoke litters the carpeted floor*

Creative Director: *In thick Indian accent* What's black and has white substance.........


*A lightning struck an innocent pedestrian*

Chairman: Marvelous, as expected from a Genius like you! *Meeting room is now loud with cheers*

Chief Promoter's eyes gleamed in bittersweet melancholy and a flash backs of his marriage'a honeymoon came to him in a storm.

Infringement Officer was confirmed dead. Cause of death: Product Branding Nirvana.

Secretary excused herself to the toilet to relinquish her torrid orgasmic sensation for the biscuit's new name.


Anonymous said...

ola!nice pic haha!a bit racist tho

afiq said...

what do you mean 'a bit'

its very racist! I thought I made a very obvious point in that entry.

Anonymous said...

well to bare in mind that everyone[like it or not]is actually a racist[what differs each one of us is our level of racism], i think that the pic explains more than just a basic racism-dlm-hati-diam2 the type where you'd smile and tell evryone that you're not a racist when you actually are.

apart from being jahat and racist kudos for them for being honest.now we know whos the real racist


afiq said...

honesty is something that can never be wholesomely extracted from anyone.

what important is to discard racism by satirical means,,,


Anonymous said...

afiq, ko ni mmg racist siot... -azim