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For the first time ever, I will be transferred into a new room. So this is a tribute lah. Babilah to the Babi Son of a gun yang bawak pistol tempoh hari.

One of the most beautiful flower I've ever seen. The whole assemble is such a ass-kicker. Such simple display of beauty.
I cook when I travel around, I am the ambassador of my own culinary experience *coughs poyo...poyo...*

This creation is called: Badak Air Berendam Ramai-Ramai dekat Sungai

I DO get the jitters of forcing sways of a potentially dangerous tool. A gorish brutal adrenaline rush. The kind you get when slicing carrots. (only applicable to men)

It's amazing how my roommates enjoys delicacies like Belacan and Durian but were unable to even touch Escargo. Apa la lu.... So I had to gobble down all of them, to my pleasure of course.
This here is the CAT PROTECTER. He had saved 52 cats from the streets and cared for them in his house and every night, he will be around KL showing tricks and let curious foreigners to pet or take pictures of his beloved feline children.

There's a catch though, he will demand a payment of 5 ringgit to those who are interested in taking pictures with his cats.

Line Clear. Despite hearing and reading LINECLEAR everywhere these days, probably because Aswad, one of the contestant of AF made it his trademark phrase. LINECLEAR is actually a Kedai Mamak. They (the workers) will bid their goodbyes by shouting LineClear!!!!
No words can come close to describe my meal of the month!
My phone is kadang2 rosak kadang2 OK for your info so don't bother calling me until I get the problem sorted out. This entry concludes my whole week around Semenanjung Malaysia before I get back to Sabah.

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zafi said...

the badak air berendam beramai2...
what a talent!