Ismael Ax?

From the massacre of Virginia Tech, the suspect who commited suicide, Cho Seung-Hui used a nickname to send several items out on post. He however did not used the nickname Ismail Ax as reported by the U.S. media but
Ishmael Ax.
U.S. attempt of making this incident related to the much hyped Islamaphobia is futile.
Cho Seung-Hui Islam terrorist terrorism Ismael Ax


mirul said...

ishmael is jewish, right?

afiq said...

ah... not really, its a general orang puteh name.

hmsb said...

Generally speaking, the Western media is hyping the whole Ishmael Ax thing up as much as they can.

There are even debates conducted among cryptologists in America, trying their damnest hard to 'decipher' the name.

Turn in any way they like, the cold hard fact still remains :

The 33 people are dead.

'Deciphering' will not change that fact.

Besides, they all should know by now that violence has no nationality & religion.

I shudder to think what the consequences are if the shooter happened to be a muslim.

afiq said...

it doesn't matter really, if the shooter is a muslim or not. He was in fact a human being with unstable emotion and that could happen to everyone who had experiencec what he did. Given his state of mind, it was a ticking timebomb. No one is to blame but himself and the coomunity that had fueled him with so much hatred.