Let's call this part of my life: MISERABLE.
Today I'd said babi more than 100 times because
1.Internet connection is superduper slow, ass dragging,blood tracing slow
2.I'm reminded on how I learnt nothing in History3(asia)
3.My laptop monitor is acting up
5.Because I just love saying it for it is a very dirty word, muahaha
There's something soothing about cursing using Babi. I think because of its obvious similarity to the word baby. I've yet to see a real babi so I can't really imagine how gross it is. Like when someone say Fuck and he/she's a virgin, I just don't see the point.
It's okay to curse. Eventhough it is practically forbiden to curse in a household, you'll be surprised to know that your parents curse all the time, during traffic, marital problems, etc. So why are they scolding you when you utter a few badwords when you don't really mean it. Meaning is the problem anyway.

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missnadira said...

yeah..MEANING IS the problem anyway..hehe~