Ajai pelat S. When he say S it will sound like Sh. Shaya shuka shangat shua shushu dekat shi comel. (did you just mind-pronounced comel shomel?) Ajai's pelat makes his otherwise mediocre singing voice range unique.
However, it is inexcusable for actors to be pelat. Pierre Andre too pronounce S as Sh. His T has a tsch sound to it. Putscheri, shaya shayang shangat dekat awak.
Indians who speaks tamil as their first language finds it difficult to pronounce V and W. W will sound like V and vice-versa. I vas wery vorried about the wapour coming out of the wan.
Chinese who speaks chinese a lot often mispronounce L and R. This is because in pasar mandarin, hokkien and cantonese, they rarely get to roll their tongues. So it is inevitable that lorry will sound like a girl's name and right and light is the same bloody thing.
Kadazan people pronounce Z as J and vice-versa. Kau kena mau pigi jikir dulu baru bayar jakat dengan zemaah lain sebelum sia pigi zemput Zohn. But Jesus is Yesus, Yesus Benar.
I used to have problems pronouncing the word Allah. It was always either Auwoh or Alah. My parents were really angry at me for not being able to pronounce God's name correctly. Parents those days were pushy and unforgiving. Takde Oprah lagi waktu tu.
What if a person is pelat cina-india-kadazan-pierre andre-young afiq deen
I vant you tscho wishit me atch my wan sho ve can shettle aull of our pasht shtrain. Lide my woluptious ash and zourney intscho the liwers of zoy shtraightch tscho the my ziwing wazayzay. I'll shtroke your hard lock tschool and shuck it untchil itsch leady tscho bursht. Oh baby, oh.


karina said...

Macam mana ya, ada darah byk campur punya? But mostly diorg fasih satu or dua bahasa je. Takde la sampai berbelit lidah tu. Funny la u!

nadeyya rahmat said...

haha, dh jd cam bahasa jerman la pulak..

emma said...

kinda cool!


Haha kool giler nak bagi hidden message lagi... agaknyer dier pun shangat shayang kat awak kowt...