Al-Islam Minta Maaf

You know what Al-Islam reporters did last year?
They went to a church to investigate for themselves a series of alleged apostasy (murtad)conducted by the church. As it turned out, the church didn't apostasies anyone and the day's prayer was like any other.
Disguised as christians, the reporters ate ritual wafers given by the priest, spat it out and took pictures of the salivated remains. Then they published the picture in Al-Islam magazine.
Whaaaat? Are you sure they are not Mastika reporters?
Thank goodness they apologised for their ignorance and insensitivity. And stupidity.
Can the magazine please change its name...? The word Islam should not be associated with a bunch of suspicious and ignorant bigots with superiority complex.


alice said...

All that trouble to get disguised and they actually think that it would make things get better?

"Do unto others what you want done unto you." Or basically, don't do things to people of the things you don't want people do to you.

When a person wearing a kopiah stole my parking space, with his spouse and little tots in the car all wearing proper tudungs witnessing his doing - why do I feel angrier compared to other races who did the same thing?

Afiq Deen said...

Because that kopiah and hijjab represents an Islamic image, a religion that emphasises n values and virtues (as any other religion)

But anyone can don a kopiah and tudung.

That's why we should try not to discriminate or judge.

Turn your the other cheek..AI said...

Jesus bread if for everyone. not just for Indian or Chinese Christians. The Malays have a right to taste it. Do not sempitkan Christianity.

andi said...

couldnt agree more.

change the name

Faszren Vin Rasz said...

such a shame...
change the name of that unknown magazine immediately because those reporters are stingy with self-covet...