Dog Abused at Kepong KTM Station

Read about all it here.

It is appalling that the KTM officers in charge there did not even attempt to save the poor canine.

The dog was allegedly abused by Kuala Lumpur City Hall workers because a Minister is going to visit the station next week.

This attitude towards dog (especially stray dogs) isn't all that surprising. When I was 9, my school bus driver ran over dogs resting on the sides of roads like it was a competitive sport.

Last year, I saw a group of teenagers killing a dog by throwing rocks at it. I called the police but the woman who answered my call dismissed my report. She told me that incidents like the one I witnessed are too 'biasa' to be reported to the police.

This kind of atrocity directly reflects our attitude towards living beings, albeit animals or people.

I remembered a conversation between a son and a father I overheard at a bus station. The conversation was triggered by a passing stray dog.

Son: Abah, kenapa Allah cipta anjing kalau anjing tu haram?

Father: Sama lah macam kad terup dan arak. Benda-benda tu pun datang daripada Allah jugak tapi sebagai orang Islam kita kenalah buang benda-benda tu.

(rolls eyes)


hazel darwisya said...

BENCI org kejam mcm ni!why?knpa dorg ni teruk sgt?

smoga dorang dpt balasan.

yika yiku said...

Remember Sheena sent an email to me about this a few days ago can't remember when but yeaaaah, you should read an article about Selayang Council. Like I mean, like damn shit >___<

andi said...

masya allah

mindset orang orang kita

tia said...

gila kejam!

ophy said...


how's the dog? released? died? still being abused?

Afiq Deen said...


Nada Syazana said...

I know some people who think killing a dog/pig is virtuous because they're 'haram'. Ironic how the more they think they're doing justice in the name of religion, the more they're damned for the evil they're inflicting on animals.

I love dogs (and ducks). I admire their loyalty. I feed & pat them when they're dry. So much so that my brother came back from taska agama one day with a brilliant suggestion - "kalau anjing najis, kita samaklah dia". He was 6.

Afiq Deen said...

HAHAHA. Genius kid, your brother.

Ducks are loyal? Really?

itsadrian said...

It's a common and sad misconception that dogs are haram. All the sultans (as upholders of Islam as the official religion of Malaysia)have their own royal dogs.