You know the last entry I wrote? I didn't write it.

Someone else did. I deleted it yesterday and it appeared again today. Then this morning when I checked my blog to make sure everything's okay, there was a link for people to watch 4 Peringkat Ajal.

Someone knows my password and is deliberately blogging as me in my blog.

I also have a suspicion that I sleep-blogged. Is that even possible, to blog while sleeping?

Whatever it is, I'm scared.


Anuar said...

huh.... menakutkan afiq...tapi macam idea baru, untul muvi baru...who knows...hahahaha

Ahmad Nordinie said...

change your password la..

Manager Tandas KLCC, Takamine Kiyomaro said...

eh bkn ko ke yg letak link 4 peringkat ajal tu?btw really nice dowh, i think u should somehow collbr8 ngan iium production club,they need ur talent as well

Anoneemus™ said...

Apart from using capital letters, 'it' sounds like you.

Go to sleep now and see if there's new post.

Kelon Eric Bana said...

mcm movie The Private Life of Pippa Lee pulak


Afiq Deen said...

sebab aku tak letak la kejadian ini menakutkan. siap dia blog style aku lagi!

I've already changed the password and will hide any device that can access the internet before I sleep.

I've seen some of the short films produced by UIA production and I think they have to step it up. With all their equipments, kerja2 dorang setakat ni memalukan.

Manager Tandas KLCC, Takamine Kiyomaro said...

owh seriously ko xletak?ak ingat ko letak,sngat mnakutkan.would it be the 6th stage of dying?haha agaga.ek?ak pun setuju that why aku ckp y not ko joint them or give suggestion to them kat fb diaowang,nway ko nya short film tu 4 what?sbb ko kata ko x letak kat blog ko mean ko xnak org tahu....i'm wondering

nashrah khan said...

i kind of knew smtg was up because of this obvious grammatical error "Did Saiful resisted..." and i know you write good english.


Great Defence tho'... :-)

Afiq Deen said...

takut over-exposed because it wasnt my best short film. Geli everytime tengok. so many flaws!!

Afiq simpan je lah entry for keepsake hehe.

Manager Tandas KLCC, Takamine Kiyomaro said...

haha flaws tu biasa la kalu mula2 ni but i guess ok what,pape pun wish u all d best,ko kenal kabir gak ek?

myadlan said...

oh yeah. its appear on my reader.. its possible but its scary

Ap said...

then in ur 'anjingophobia' post, i have commented but i nver gotten any feedbacks so im re-commenting it..
I noticed Afiq talking about wine in dishes.. Well, 1st of all, I want to clarify that I am NOT a very conservative muslim.. I have my beliefs and am holding tight onto it k? Islam actually forbids us from consuming arak not JUST because it causes mabuk but it has lotsa malignant effects.. It is narcotic and it can cause even lotsa diseases - blindness, death!, etc.. If the case here is ONLY getting drunk, then you are referring to the nas before it has been nasakh.. Ok, then, if the case here is that the alcohol disintegrates and its chemical contents are not the same anymore, why are we not eating cooked babi? It’s general knowledge that a substance will USUALLY react when it is heated so, what is stopping pork from reacting and getting its chemical contents altered? If the chemical contents are not of the orginal babi’s, shouldn’t we be allowed to it it? Well then, kindly refer to the fact that Islam forbids something because it causes darurah(malignance)..

Then comes to the issue of the uses alcohol in medicine.. Why is alcohol allowed to be used in this field? Why is it any difference from culinary? Well, again, Islam forbids something because it causes darurah.. And when we encounter 2 different darurahs, Islam asks us to think, to compare, to contrast, which darurah is greater.. If darurah A is greater, then choose the latter.. The same goes for this issue.. We encounter the darurah of alcohol and the darurah of suffering from diseases.. N from the views of ulama’, alcohol is now the lesser darurah.. Therefore alcohol is permitted in medicine..

Ok..ok.. I know..
I nagged a lot just now.. n what I nagged was actually out of the topic.. blablabla.. ok.. so now im getting into the topic.. Anjing? I don’t hate dogs.. My friends don’t hate dogs.. But we do fear they will bite us though.. haha.. It’s true, Islam teaches us to respect and be kind to other creatures including dogs and pigs.. But we do have to samak if we touch dogs n pigs (n bukankah our mazhab shafie ckap bulu yang kering pon kna samak?) To me, this issue still refers back to the facts that Islam forbids sth because it causes darurah.. So, in this issue, it all depends on the reasons.. If its for safety then ok (slain anjing xdak cara lain ka?) but if its for self pleasure, then u must consider a few situations first before keeping a dog:
i) Your neighbours, whether they are comfortable with a dog in their neighbourhood (in Turkey xpa laaa).. If the issue is Islam, then you must respect your neighbours’ best interests.. dosa kot..
ii) Yourself, whether you are sure you can keep yourself in the best hygiene.. N when I talk about hygiene, I am not just referring to your body but also your clothes.. You must be ready to samak a lot of your clothes k? :D

again, fuck out beb.. hahaha..
metal yearhh

Ap said...

i think u should really reduce posts about religions especially Islam coz u always get it wrong dickhead..
post em only after u r sure they r true..
dont let nafsu to bring up controversies and attract more readers slowly mislead ur judgement..
i know u wanna be recognized for 'alternative' or 'unique' thinking towards life but fuck man.. u r misleading others.. others who r dickheaded as well lol..
here are some excerpts n comments..

"Dakwah? I've NEVER EVER seen any dakwah campaign in Malaysia. Never. I've seen a lot of Christian campaigns though"
Ya Allah.. If u have never seen 1, doesnt mean it doesnt exist.. There r a lot of dakwah going on in our country n quite frankly, i dont think u really know what dakwah in the islamic context really is..

'If I, a muslim, were to refer to Allah as Dandelion in my prayers, does that make my prayers invalid?'
The answer is yes shithead.. U cannot pray except in Arabic.. Even saying 'Rabbu akbar' already invalids ur prayer.. N dats in arab.. If the name 'ALLAH' is not a big deal, then why MUST we ONLY use the word ALLAH in lafzujalalah? If u even know what dat is..
so, MMG xsah sembahyang when we substitute the word 'ALLAH" with 'dandelion' ok?

"That being said, it's just a name, a concept constructed by human convention in languages that are humanly constructed."
whoaaa man.. careful.. being a muslim, we should believe that words in Quran are the words of Allah or Kalamullah.. Thus being said, they r not a concept constructed by human convention.. instead, they are Allah's words.. To be saying the words 'Al-Quran', 'Hudud', n lain2 are manmade is a sin in ISLAM.. TRUE MUSLIMS believe that those words are constructed by Allah himself.. n If those words r already sinful to be accused as man-made, wut about the word ALLAH? Use ur akal n guide it with Quran and Sunnah lol..

"Allah or God or Dandelion encompasses all human constructs and so to put such Godly attributes into a word constructed with just 3 letters is to reduce Allah into those 3 letters. Isn't that the bigger sin?"
Whoaaa.. now this?? gila ka lu? supporting this crap? putting Godly attributes into the word ALLAH does not reduce ALLAH.. n its not even a small sin babe.. it's called 'memuliakan Allah'.. Y are we saying 'daulat tuanku' and not 'daulat fcuk u' when we are praising our sultans? its bcoz we r showing respect 2 them n we recognize them by the word 'tuanku'.. if its not even a sin to be putting kingly attributed in the word 'sultan', y is it a sin to be putting godly atrribute in the word ALLAH?

n oh yeah, if u learn FORM 5 Tasawwur Islam chapter 1, u should know that the word Allah should be Muslims'.. well, it should be if u believe tauhid uluhiyyah.. nvm bout dat, it's only for Muslims who believe lol.. haha.. n i cant believe Muslims are looking with only 1 eye opened at Surah Al-Ikhlas.. the most frequently read surah lol.. if 'we muslims' read it lahhh.. nvm dat lol..

i got a lot more to write n comment but getting malassssss lah.. fuck out beb.. hahaha..

Afiq Deen said...

U should make ur points clearer n straight to the point. No one likes reading long ass comments. And also, use curse words like fuck tastefully. No one takes fuckers seriously unless you're quentin tarantino.

But since its my blog n u spent some of your time commenting, my reply to ur lengthy comment is

Lu pikir la sendiri!

Ap said...

u r such a denial fuck..
the comment became longer coz u didn't rply my 1st 1 so I'm just recommenting them..

Anonymous said...

ahah no wonder the english in that last post is bad...

Afiq Deen said...

If u want a reaction to quench ur anger, u should just comment on youtube vids of korean bands. I hear kpop fanatics put up a good fight.

Ap said...

God.. u r unbelievable n disappointing..
I commented on YOUR post so I'm expecting feedback from YOU la..
well, at least now u respond drpd dlu xdak respond lgsg..

fuck out beb

Afiq Deen said...

Exactly my point. Commenters comment to share their knowledge, not looking for loopholes to prove a point.