I'm currently making 5 short videos and ads for competitions all around the world. I'm not much of a social butterfly to land contracts in Malaysia so I prefer to get my much needed experiences by entering competitions.
I have poor parents so to I fuel my passion with the money I make from competitions. I don't think they even understand how badly I want to be the best in the biz so they only gave me money for food and transport. I am not alone. Malay parents are usually like this. They don't like to invest on their children. Instead, they invest most of their money on their houses, cars and land. They want their kids to suffer like how they suffered when they were younger. This is why most second generation malays are in the poor-middleclass category.


Ann Alien said...

We're going to make it, Afiq! Us, second generation, poor middle class, heavy and heaving with dreams, gungho inheritors of the scant Malay legacy.

Meet you at the end, along with the other survivors and martyrs of dream chasers!

(What? I'm in a chipper mood.)

love_angel~ said...

gud luck2! (^^,)v
well..the success is more valuable with the hardness..-eh betlker ayt ni..hehe :)

chocoloco said...

betol!jelez tengok anak cina..beza giler dgn anak melayu..


What do you mean by second generation? Biasanyer that refers to First generation, 2nd generation immigrants...

(nothingness) said...

second generation post-independence malays, maybe..

don't be too hard on yourself

Afiq Deen said...

Ann you made my day! Thanks.

yup. post-independence 2nd generation malay.

I'm not hard on myself. Just a bit bitter that's all.

Anonymous said...

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:) said...

btw, good luck on e videos! ;)

:) said...

don't put it that way.
you should take pride that you are given a chance to stand on your own.

it's really an honor.

besides, you are young, fit n healthy, talented, determined (if you want to be)....

seriously, you would'nt want to sponge on your parents $$$ at your age. it is totally outdated.

feeling bitter is not healthy.