Gambar Kantoi

Remember anak pontianak Zarina Ann Julie? When explicit pictures of her leaked, she was fired from her job and is now a mollywood slut, datehopping from one upcoming celebrity to another. The pictures were of no pornographic significance but her image was directed to a kampung demographic so she was unofficially banned from appearing on daytime TV.
When raunchy pictures of female celebrities leak, they often had to pay the price like wearing a tudung (for a while) , performing Umrah and confessing tearfully on Melodi. But when explicit pictures of male celebrities surface the net,

1. They will just tell pondan entertainment journalists that the pictures were photoshopped.

2. Claim that the guy in the pictures is a look-a-like.

3. Orang cuba fitnah saya bla bla bla..

4. Buat tak tahu jerr.

The same applies to working class people like you and me. Girls who takes pictures of themselves naked and got them accidentally leaked (usually done by bitter ex-boyfriends) are often labelled as sluts and bohsia while guys pay no heavy consequence of their actions. (Edison Chen is not Malaysian) Why?
Because explicit pictures of guys memang tak laku. Most Malaysian girls are not as openly perverted as the guys but they layan pictures of their own gender to compare and contrast.
Explicit pictures of guys are only widely circulated in niche gay blogs and forums.
When I was younger (as if I'm so old now, haha) I experimented with my camera a lot but I deleted all the personal porn I made so I'm clear of any explicit pictures. Some of my friends are not so lucky. Pictures like this (below) are circulated in blogs and are used repeatedly by adult network users who are too shy or ugly to use their own pictures.

A friend of a friend told me that he received pictures that he claim is from an architecture student in UIA so when I take a look, I was flabbergasted.
It's a disturbing thought to have seen an erect penis of someone I know. But then again, it is also a confirmation that I am bigger man. Ahaha, you know us guys.. cars, houses, wives, whatever, we are genetically inclined to compare.
If I didn't delete the underage porn that I made, I could've been him.
So guys, even if no one would pay attention to your private pictures, do not take 18SX pictures of yourself because you will deny yourself from having a chance of becoming:
1. A Prime Minister or a minister.
2. An Ulama' or Ustaz.
4. An Islamic programme talk show host.
5. A CEO or Chairman of GLCs.
6. An underwear model (no surprise... so what's the point?)
But if you are still degil and take pictures of your penis with a complimentary headshot, be prepared to be featured as a gambar hiasan in gay malay blogs like this.


Manager Tandas KLCC, Takamine Kiyomaro said...

haha yea itu betul,u never know maybe u will be a famous people one day and that kind of pic is really worth on that day haha,but just now u mention about ur friends picture kan,kaed juga kan?hmmm and i think i did know who he is base on what my friend told me so b4 this

Afiq Deen said...

Dia famous kan sekarang and for all the wrong reasons too!

Bahaya bahaya.

Manager Tandas KLCC, Takamine Kiyomaro said...

tahu xpe,tapi aku xsangka lak dia nway ko ni batch manas satu ? ko archi kan?

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Anonymous said...

Bro deletekan gambar die nih. Toksahlah post kat blog ko. Kesian dier bro.