Rethinking Diversity

I would think that diversity is more than the hue of our skin, our mainstream cultures, our languages and accents, more than the diversity of a selected criteria.

I think diversity is not justified to be defined in a communal sense but as a personal anthropology. I like eggs you like ham; you know, that kind of thing. The smallest things, like preferring jazz to metal is the best definition of diversity because the influence that brought by trivial preferences is by far the most free-willed personal choice.

This kind of thinking made me rethink diversity. This is why cute kitten videos are the most popular videos in youtube. Cute kittens videos are not bounded by race, language or skin, just interest.

And that's the most interesting and pure kind of diversity: interest.

That is why I chose to ask volunteers about their favourite food, music, movies etc. because those trivial preference is the purest form of diversity.

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