Can I F**k You Today?

That is what Saiful Bukhari said he heard from Anwar Ibrahim. Did Saiful resisted by escaping the wrath of Anwar? He claimed he didn't. If this is true, the sex was consentual. It doesn't matter which side you're on, you can't help but to feel that Anwar had a murky past. Even if he didn't f**k Saiful Bukhari, all his enemies directed their bullets at Anwar's peepee. That is why I'm still under the impression that Anwar Ibrahim f**ks men.

If you don't agree with this assumption, you also cannot agree with Anwar's innocence. What proof do you have to lay against me to prove that he didn't f**cked men before?

I got proof. Saiful swore it so.

I want to see Anwar Ibrahim do the same before we can officially clean this slate and start deliberating again whether or not he f**cks men.


carutPK said...

"and then he said to him(saiful) to get clean and then he did..and in his towel he saw him(anwar) at the bed edge.."

intresting sex story..but shoot..close hearing la plak today..otherwise more material for local newspaper..yg sah sah sold out..

p/s : no 3gp file ke bang nuar?saiful?anyone?

tia said...

kalau benda ni betul,
kenapa ramai betul penyokong dia?

politik kat malaysia memang menyeramkan.

sharman said...

a simple case of benefit of the doubt.

Lass said...

You got proof? Proof of what? That Anwar screwed men before? Really.

Dude, are you sure you're a Malay from Sabah. As far as I know, Malays don't originate from Sabah. Bajaus, Orang Sungai, Bruneians descent and the likes adalah.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you

Anonymous said...

i agree with you