Maybe they should have applied their affliation to the condition of the roads after they rallied.

It's good that Malaysians are beginning to speak out regarding flaws of the current administration. But should they really hit the road?

It's not our culture.

Or is it? Was it?

It doesn't matter though, demonstrations and rallies are great ways for people to express their dissatisfaction but sadly, the BERSIH rally was in my opinion, useless.

It's embarassing really, to plea for the King's help, only to be lashed back by the King himself. Now where to go lah?


Thinking back, it wasn't so useless, they had free mineral water, got a free public shower service from the FRU and worked out a hell of a sweat. They'd all came back home cleaner and a tad healthier.

AND free t-shirt.

Yippeeee, sign me up next time. It'll be our rendition of a Malaysian Mardi Gras.


Irzan said...

The guy that issued out statement from the king is not the official "tounge" of the palace - he's the linen keeper instead. and he's an umno member. how ironic.

demonstration is our culture. or at least it is umno's culture. i am proud of it. the first umno's demonstration was demanding abolishment of the Malay Union back in 1950's.

Irzan said...

and i noticed the yellow color on top of your blog!

afiq said...


I'm wearing a green kain pelekat. Does that mean I'm a PAS supporter?


Anony Musang said...

Well .. it depends on what shade of green you wear. If you aint a PAS supporter than u must be a Petronas supporter then ..

hmmmmm ...

roti kacang merah said...

"It's embarassing really, to plea for the King's help, only to be lashed back by the King himself."

No, Dik. For the purpose of clean and fair elections, the coalition have tried all means, even going all the way to the Parliament, but as always have been brushed aside.

The Perhimpunan 100,000 Rakyat was a means to show the administrators that the rakyat is not happy, and to put international pressure on the administrators for a reform on the democratic system.

Meeting the King simbolizes how desperate the rakyat is. The King tak perlu masuk campur dalam hal ni, and the rakyat knows that. This time, however, the march was a PLEAD that The King should do smthn about the rot in the system.

maybe, when you've become a taxpayer yourself, voting to get the best out of the system, then only you'd understand better.

Demo is not really our culture. but it is a very legit part of a standard democratic system that's been taken from us, and we should fight for that right.

lifeinside said...

Guess what - the King didn't even say anything denying. Who said the King was not supporting? The linen-keeper of the palace. If you'd only read more.

His Majesty was being diplomatic about it, for he knows very well that to make stupid moves will jeopardize not only His Majesty, but the whole Royal Clan as a whole. Not only the Agong, but the Sultan of all Malaysia's state.

That's why he was being subtle about it.

afiq said...

Well it started a streak of demonstrations. I heard another NGO is going to hit the street next week.


Just Great.

I hope they won't go anywhere near Stadium Merdeka, I'm going to the My Chemical Romance concert.

Anonymous said...

that's not free cost u RM10..
afiq,, u pernah bace harakah,fitrah dan sebangsa nya???
ni bukan umno yang sogok tshirt, nasi bungkus n duit 10ringgit!!!