Holy days

Aaaah... I just love holidays.. Don't we all?

A perfect holiday is when the duration is about two weeks. One week is too short for comfort. Three weeks or more will get me itching for work. Two weeks = just nice.

A perfect holiday would also mean me going around Malaysia -ranger- style. Heheh. I love being a nomad in Malaysia. Taking buses, trains, motorcycle hikes or just walk around aimlessly. Not all who wanders are lost. Being Malaysians, we often take for granted of our own historical and natural splendours. Wandering around town or kampung alone will get you rediscover the distinctive beauty of God's creation. The bustling town, the asap hitam bus, the golden Buddha statue, the air terjun, the nyonya, the trishaw mamak and oh yes, the FOOD.

A perfect holiday is when I carry around my camera, a sketchbook, a drawing pen and a writing pen.

A perfect holiday is when I officially OFF my handphone, a liberating feat I tell you.

A perfect holiday would have me scheming to make money.

A perfect holiday starts today.

1 comment:

hanyhany said...

looks like u've loads of plans for this cuti.

have a great one!