Damn it

I miss Hadi and Aful.
I don't miss people easily. It is not my lack of empathy. It's just me. My life has never been constant. Like any other policemens' children, we'll move from one school to another every year and yeah, the divorce had me going places I'd never imagined. Those collective childhood experiences had somehow taught me an unlikely lesson; to avoid being attached with anything (or anyone)
Once I was enrolled in IIU, I met another guy who had a strangely similar childhood story and slowly, throughout a stretch of 4 years studying architecture, we became close friends. We'll probably never admit to this but we share almost everything that happened in our lives in subtle conversations on a daily basis, 5 minutes min, 2 hours max.
We consulted future plans and schemes with each other and shared interests, knowing deep inside we're going to follow our own paths in a few years time and will somehow rendevous back to our common ground, our quirky conversations. He has a monotonous voice that shows no emotions whatsoever. I have a shrieky voice that conjures up every bit of drama in everything. It'll be like a relatively quiet script rehersal of a relatively boring sketch: the King and the Jester. The jester that comes up with weird illogical ideas and the king who makes sense of it.
This entry isn't suppose to be about that guy, damn it.
It's about me.
It was supposed to be about me.
Oh yeah, you know what? Yesterday I woke up shouting 'Hit it Fergie'. Hahah. All in a day's quirk and loco-loco.

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