Saiful dah tinggi?

Happy 14th Birthday Aful!!!!!!
Happy 14th birthday, Saiful Deen. As part of the Deen mamak clan, you are officially a Deen! Don't afraid to take risk and make mistakes because you'll learn from them. Why, the most precious god-given treasure are mistakes because they are Life reminders.
Pray and be a good muslim. Do not pray because it is habitual but to become a better person after each prayer. Pray not because other people force you to but because you are thankful to Allah Almighty.
As your bigger brother, I have to admit I am not perfect and I have my own demons. We all have our demons and the only way to deal with them is by confronting them. You have decades ahead and use each and every minute of your spare time gaining life knowledge. When you get older and taller (hopefully lah) you will realize that relationships is all about give and take. Nobody is always correct. We all have our own flaws and the only way to tolerate these flaws is to simply forgive and forget.
Strive in your studies for no other reason than to serve Allah SWT. Be successful for no other reason than to serve the Ummah. You will be truly happy if you strife for these two rules.
I love you more than I love my cat Tigger and Shasha, more than Nasi Kandar and Mutton Curry.
Happy birthday!
Live like you'll die tomorrow.
Seek knowledge like you'll live forever
Here's Jonas Brothers. Alah... band yang nak tiru Busted tuh.. Yes yes.. Joseph Jonas looks a bit like me.. heheh...

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^eMiKo^ said...

what a good big bro you are.. hehe...
a good speech indeed..*tersentuh ok*