Cisum is Music backwards. So is Nasyid.

I was browsing through my classical music collection and decided to make proper playlists by similar mood and 'feel'.
They are all different for your information. Classical music range from the middle age to the era of avantgarde. My personal favourite is Scarlatti and Vivaldi and sometimes Beethoven. Scarlatti's flow of emotion is more realistic unlike Mozart's bombastic piercing octave, sakit telinga-sakit otak. Vivaldi is immensely festive. You may even heard his Primavera in a lot of movies with grand ball settings.
And I was suddenly struck by a piece composed by Scarlatti and was sang by Cecilia Bartoli. It caught me off guard. When Mentre Lo Godo finished, my eyes became dams of monsoon tears. Aiseh. It's like listening to a mourning Sundanese song. Music truly trascends cultural borders. How can we live without it?
Can't wait to go to the My Chemical Romance concert! Woohooo!
Eyeliner, check!
Emo fringe, check!
Tight fitting tees, errrr.. pass.

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Hannah Johary said...

See u at MCR concert tomorrow night, Bro. Just can't wait.

Any ideas for emo gurl dressing? Still can't figure out what to wear. ;)