Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin.

I am one of those people who could not express joy and happiness in full length. Because Joy and Happiness are distant cousins who visits once in a while.
I'm just happy that I am, you know, happy. And everyone else too. Personal conflicts and communication breakdowns will be well dealt by the future Afiq. The present Afiq wants to eat excessive amount of Lemang and Serunding. The present Afiq wants to appreciate the melodrama of Raya. The present Afiq wants to make merry. Talking of which, there is another football joke I've been telling people recently.
God organized a conference with all national football managers to discuss the future of the world's favourite game. The Japan football manager, who'd waited impatiently to ask God something suddenly stood up and asked "When will the Japanese Team win the World Cup?
God answered "50 more years!"

Amidst the crowd, a small man burried his way to the front, violently shoving himself. He hopped around to get God's attention and asked loudly. "I am the Malaysian Football Manager! When will we win the World Cup!"

God cried.


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Alia said...

haha. I cried too. xp

mirul said...

i heard u had something with ur mum. :( sad hearing that :(

afiq said...

none of your bee's wax