Despite getting a lot of Duit Raya money, I am currently broke. I blame it on my car. It is old and weary and some parts of the car broke down unexpectedly. I had to unexpectedly lay on a few hundred ringgit to fix the unexpected faulty parts.
My daily spending is not more than RM5, which I used carefully with thorough consideration on my health. Like for breakfast, I'll be eating hard boiled eggs for a week. It's only 25 cents each and a meal will only cost me 50 cents. Its full of protein, provides sufficient calories for the whole morning, and it's oil free. My lunch is oats with powdered milk and sugar to give me consistent energy throughout the day and dinner is simply chicken soup which costs 2 ringgit. Blimey, who would've thought being broke does wonders to binge eating.
Really, I'm not complaining.
This is one of those time when I've no choice but to be optimistic. To see the glass of 'tak jadi, terlebih cair' half boiled eggs half full. Yeah.

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