Dream a Dream

I had the strangest dream last night and the oddity lies within the the lifetimes I'd travelled through. Three lives. One young boy whose father died in a car accident, a poet who'd contemplated suicide most of his life and a middle-aged wife of a mayor who has to put up with her husband's promiscuity. And all of these lives are related.
It's like the movie The Hours, plus-minus the lesbian and depression bit.
The dream reached out to me vividly, unlike my other vague dreams. The plots are unforgettable and the background, is as real as life. So very real and vivid, to the slightest pearl of morning dew on a dying leaf.
I AM deprived of fiction.
Today is the last day of Portfolio, and unlike my other porfolios, this one is low-key. It's not Malaslah but I'll Lie Even More If I Touch Up. Aaaahhh... Serenity of complacency. Plus, the -void- acted up last night during the Kulliyah's Raya Celebration. You knowlah, the -void-. The empty feeling that conjures me to do random things on my own. Last night I strolled along the Pasar Malam at 10 something, when all the stalls are stocked into vans, leaving trails of melted ice. It's one of those moment, you know; the dark unknown alley up a street.
The -void- is a time for self-immensing, to get soaked in the muddy end of a beautiful reflective lake. To be in the moment. To be the moment. I'd already figured out the pattern of the -void- moodswings. It happens only when I am surrounded by people who gathered for the sake of pure vanity. It'll suck the real in reality in me, leaving me with the -void-.
Today will be a full day, after a night of smelling stolen shoes and dream that defies time-travel, today must be a wholesome day. I just have that feeling. That feeling that nothing will go wrong today. The naive deceptive thought that will snare its fangs later in the evening and it'll go SUCKERRRRR! But for time being, the thought of today to be a full day is seemingly imminent. Seemingly. Let's enjoy the moment, shall we?


Miss Aida said...

Well, if you don't have the thought of imminent goodness, what do you have?

afiq said...

optimism. Gone were the days where imminent goodness is you know, imminent. There's alaways a price on anything, happiness included, don't you think?

jannah said...

when I am surrounded by people who gathered for the sake of pure vanity

i guess i know what u meant. i tried to find you but i guess you left early (?)

i escaped the whole thing too. i felt lonelier that night, i don't know why.

Hafidz Baharom said...

i know nothing of this event you speak of, but speaking of pasar malams...

I wandered into the nearest one here in Shah Alam and thought to myself why the f**k would parents still allow their kids to come out here by themselves after what happened to Nurin...

afiq said...

Hahahhh... Aput has no idea what we felt, Jannah.

I find this emptiness amusing sometimes, it made me do stuff I'd never thought of doing.