I'd just finish reading Battle Royale manga. It's about a government program that randomly select a class to be deserted on an island to kill each other until 1 student reigns victory over the others' (corpse). All students' necks are braced with explosives that will go Boom if they remain in the same area for some time and each student received a bag filled with basic necessities and a weapon, ranging from cyanide to Sub-Machine Guns.

Not for the faint-hearted.

I hate exams!

Don't we all?

(I don't blog responsibly, fyi)

I've no idea why, but I'll get perplexedly contrary with my noted priorities. Macam for example when I was focused to perah my brains for tomorrow's exam, a ridiculously large portion of myself shouted "Jom tengok movie jom, kalau bukan sekarang bila lagi?" The rational part of me whimpered "Esok boleh tengok ... lepas exam.."

It's not about not setting my priorities straight, its experimenting with incoming danger, to cling in between those line, to feel the rush of guilt, to be in danger in a not very dangerous situation. I don't get it myself, but this guy right here, the guy who's typing this is not sorted enough to discipline himself to do what he hates to do. Selfish bloke, this guy.

I'm still thinking of ideas for my next 3 minute film, My Poetic End. I want to make it funny, in a dark comical setting. I want it to be as UnPoetic as possible.


lubna said...

I know the feeling.

It's when the irrational takes over, and we get a rush of blood to the head at DARING to NOT study. Pah. Lame, but the reciprocations are so very real on our transcripts.

All the best anyways. =)

afiq said...


Strangely enough, this happens only when I entered uni. I'd never had this feeling when I was in school.