The part time model, Dr Sheikh had just returned to planet earth. Yes yes yes, he is a space visitor. He visits the big bad void, did his experiments which was probably done decades ago by other scientists, ate his rendang and returned home. Patriotic or not, I don't see the point of getting excited of the whole thing, I really don't. It's a waste of money. It's a waste of TV time. Space supremacy my ass. And I guess he will be awarded with Datukship and be considered a national hero. All is well. A journey of a trillion miles starts with a single weapon buying agreement with Russia. Oh yes, did I mention I shed a tear when the space rocket took off? I did.
I am planning to buy a camera, a video camera to shoot my short film and stuff. Priority; I'm going to Jordan with studiomates so we need a camera lah. To buy a camera, I need money. A pretty large sum of money. My financial flow is pretty much restricted so..... go figure lah.
Just in case some of you are worried that I'll get depressed over the Raya Tear Marathon, I'm confident to confirm that this heart is as hard as cement. My ego grew harder with it. I've been depressed all my life so it's not hard to realize that the cause of my personal dilemma is myself. I am dealing with myself right now and discovering means to relinquish -this- void.
"Why do I think so much?"

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