Women and Their Superpowers

Apparently, only 15% women who cheat get caught whereas 1 in 5 men suffer the same fate. You know how women can justify themselves of almost everything (like how Wan Azizah tells us all that Anwar is a gift from God), I have a silly suspicion that women have the ability to justify their conscience.

To this very day I am guilty of smoking my first cigarette. Oh the agony, I'd a one week MC because the cigarette I smoked triggered my asthma. I never justified the fact that I inflicted pain upon myself and I will probably never ever smoke ever again.

But a girl who happens to be a friend of mine told me her first cigarette was caused by her long time depression, the disastrous break-up, her difficult relationship with her parents and the fact that she needs a distraction so she won't commit suicide. I nodded coolly upon hearing this while bold captions of "She's a psycho! Run Run Run!" rolled in front of my eyes.

When I broke up with my girlfriend I told her the truth "It's not you, it's me. You deserve better." Cliche as it was, I meant it. I'm not ready to get married. You deserve someone who is actually ready to take the next step.

When a girlfriend broke up with me she told me "Our relationship will only self-destruct, guys your type will never learn to make merry with free spirited people like me."

Make merry? Free spirited? Hello, Enyd Blyton called and they want their fairy back.

So guys, girls are excellent liars. They have the ability to lie to themselves and could even persuade themselves to join the dark side. There would be only 3 Star Wars movies if Anakin was a girl.

This explains why most tabloid and gossip reporters are pondak/bapuk/mak nyah/amfibia, because only half the things they write are real.


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