Malay Student's Dilemma

I was one of the many (thousands perhaps) students who lined up to apply for PTPTN loan for my studies. Behind me was a student with torn shoes and sun bleached jeans. No, he wasn't dressed that way because he was a grungy Kurt Cobain wannabe. He simply didn't have the means to buy new clothes. In front of me is a fellow roommate. His parents were relatively rich, having been chauffeured to Matrics by a driver in a rare Mercedes. He too was applying for PTPTN.

It dawned to me that the same amount of money I'm applying for was spent when our family went to Europe soon after my high school graduation. Wouldn't it make more sense that we opt for a cheaper holiday destination and used the money to pay for my studies?

My rationale at that time was because I was the one going to university, I will be responsible to pay the fees. And you know, it's okay because I'm not the only one.

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