Me No Speaking Engrish!

Months ago, somebody asked me the thing I most dislike about myself on Formspring. My answer was "I appreciate what God has given me." Jawapan standard.

I actually hate my voice. I have a small small voice box with very little volume capacity and because of my lack of 'manly' hormones, I was born with a high frequency voice. High frequency voice + limited volume = Winnie the Pooh's Piglet's squeal.

Throughout high school, I somehow learnt what I lack in voice quality I can make up with ideas and enthusiasm. Soon after breaking out of my shell, I entered debate, speech, and poetry recital competitions and won most of them. To this very day, the thing that makes me loud is not my voice but the things I have to say and the way I say them.

I'm going to actively vlog soon and will come out with a video every week to improve my storytelling skills. The process usually takes ages (more like a whole day) because I have to repeat a sentence 10 to 20 times to get it right. This is because it has been 6 years since I speak english regularly. I am no longer comfortable speaking in my second language like I used to. Ergh.

Now I'm struggling to speak freaking english. I can't even remember my accent. Do I even have a specific accent? Ergh ergh ergh! Now I'm tongue-tied between chinglish, manglish and a hint of Puan Mathilda's british accent. Bak kata Ron Weasley "Bloody hell!"


Nur said...

good luck dalam meng'improvekan'.muahahahhaa

Hadi Deen said...

I usually take a few minutes b4 my english flows perfectly. Then it takes me another few minutes to get back to BM.. Sigh.. Brain lagging