Shooting Maria

I've been very secretive about my upcoming short film Maria. Not much is known about it other than its name. Well, I just didn't want to blog about it because I feared that people's response to it will divert my vision.

We just had our rehearsal and we'll start shooting tomorrow.

My crew are a bunch of very very talented people. Muttaqqee is very talented cinematographer and I was surprised when I found out that he is actually a medic student! Kabir who is studying architecture is a very resourceful and dependable producer. Aman Wan, my assistant director is an up and coming comic artist and he is naturally gifted in filmmaking.

Maria is a story about an encounter between a middle age woman and a young lady at a children's playground. The obvious message of this film is emotional waste and how it pollutes generations after generations.

How does Maria relates to BMW Shorties theme: 0% Wastage?

My understanding of wastage is simple. Waste are things that we left behind that will corrupt mother nature. I wasn't too fond of making a literal interpretation of 0% wastage so I introduced a wider paradigm that deals with the concept of waste. I focus on the extreme 100% wastage and its effects to make people realize the significance and importance of 0% wastage.

It's like making a doomsday movie. People's immediate reaction to this type of movie is to live their life to the fullest. Movies that shows people living their life to the fullest in order to illustrates the benefits of such lifestyle will appear haughty, imposing and holier-than-thou. So that's why.

Maria is also genre-less. I used effective elements from different genre of films like noir, horror, thriller and fantasy as the foundation of Maria. So in this sense, it is an experimental piece.

Shooting will commence tomorrow and I'm super duper excited (and worried).