The Geek I Really Am

I don't know if I've told you this, but I don't read heavy novels, sketch 'art' on my sketchbook or listen to World music everyday. Don't get me wrong, I surrender myself to creative-type douche-nism every now and then. But what I am, is a geek. A geek. Here is a list I made that pretty much sealed my identity as a geek.

1. Anime or manga inspired wallpaper. Every week or so I will select a worthy fan-made wallpaper to adorn my working space. My favourite: DeathNote, Full Metal Panic, Eureka Seven, Code Geass.

2. The subsequent anime or manga inspired facebook profile picture. Because sometimes it's fun to put myself in the anime/manga I love. Sometimes jelah ye.

3. Do you know people who discuss in length about animes and sometimes get themselves into feuds with fellow otakus? Have you ever been in a fight with the stubborn Gil Arrowhead? Hello, I am Gil Arrowhead.

4. I have fantasy names like Gil Arrowhead. Gil is the first name of Gil-Galad, the King of Noldor. Arrowhead is an arrow head I bought from a LOTR merchandise shop in Amsterdam that I keep to this day at a secret location. I have entrusted myself to retrieve the arrowhead once I acquire enough knowledge to cut through all man-truths and achieve elf-like wisdom. That or when I turn 30. 7 years to go ftw.

5. Masashi Kishimoto makes more sense than Socrates to me. (Paksu, bila nak bagi balik buku itu?) Anwar Ibwahim? Puh-leez.... Lelouch (of Code Geass) is my meter of revolution. Eragon is my hero. Dragonair is my pet of choice. I want sharigan eyes. I want a girlfriend like Tessa Testarossa.

6. Tessa Testarossa? She is the cause of my many midnight accidents.

7. I prefer eating in a pirate ship restaurant that serves crappy food anytime of the day. More themed restaurants please!

8. Haruka Kanata has the power to make me work 200% harder in anything I do. If I listen to this song while smashing belacan with a lesung, the lesung will crack. Ya, begitu semangat sekali.

This is of course an exemption but in real life, I will never admit of being a geek, mainly because it never shows (I'm a closeted geek) and I don't talk about my stash of Shinchan comics underneath my bed.

The only thing that I don't cover as a geek is that I don't like to play games. I play very few games like Tekken, Naruto Battle and Armored Core but that's about it.

In the future, I would like to take part in a Cosplay competition. With my thick eyebrows and ever-erecting hair, I could easily pull off an awesome Bezita!


Kanny said...

very good write up!

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

nice entry


No heavy novels but Nietzsche?!?!

Hadi Deen said...

Dont we all know this? Sejak zaman ngawai lagi hadi dah taw. ahaha

Afiq Deen said...

Thanks Kanny & Faiz!

Nietzsche! It's so hard to spell.. I read Nietzsche when I found out many of my favourite filmmakers are influenced by this philosopher.

Ala Hadi tahu ler. Orang lain mana tahu.

Nana Eddy said...

haha.. I love animes and manga too. and my perfect guy happens to be Kenshin Himura form Samurai x @ rurouni kenshin. And i can list a lot of other guys I fantasize from all sorts of other anime or manga i've come across. brad pitt? ashton kutcher? who's that? lols my definition of friends comes from naruto, and law of ueki my love story comes from sailormoon, full moon wo sagashite, ayashi no ceres... i mean, who needs shakespere? hehe

but no, I'm not a geek. :p