It's Time To Grow Up

I think I have to get ready to be independent. Work, House, Money.

Scary stuff. But it's time.

If were up to me, I want to live with my parents and make independent films. But my parents live in Alor Setar and I don't have any financial backing to keep making independent films. I've been living with aunt for a year and I think it's high time to start looking somewhere else to live.

And work. I need a permanent job. It's time to make brand new resumes and send it to production companies.

I can't believe that I'm the first person in my family to start working and living independently. It's super scary since I've no one to look up to in this particular phase of life.

Oh well, as scary as it seems, I'm up for it!

Wingardium Leviosa!


DanieL AdiE said...


~ DanieL AdiE ~

aida cy said...


Anoneemus™ said...

Colourbarproduction maybe ada vacancy. try cari.


Ko da grad ek?

alice said...

I'm not the eldest in the family, but I was the first to start working & living independently.... learn to eat red bean buns EVERYDAY so that I don't have to ask my parents' financial help - was eagerly trying to proof that I can be independent. But hey, hard times are good life experience :-)

Well, good luck. Orchideous!

Afiq Deen said...

I'm sending my CV to 10 production companies for the time being. Aiming high dulu before I send the CVs to smaller companies. I have to test my luck dulu, then be realistic when I don't get any callbacks.

I'm not the eldest in my family but most of them have parents that can sustain them so they are not rushing to be independent.

Alice, red bean buns! I used to love those buns until I had to eat them for two straight weeks when I was studying. Red bean buns, cucur udang and fried potato fries. BWEK!

Moja Amin said...

Sounds scary. Hahaha! but yeah, maybe its abt time to endure such phase.

Hang pi cari kerja, rumah sewa semua. Next year ak tumpang jadi housemate! Ak grad mid next year! Ak bakal menjejak langkah hang pulak. Damnit.

Doa sekarang.

Hadi Deen said...

At least i have someone to look up to later.. Thanks Abang.. Jasamu dikenang.. (won Olympic gold medal face)