Let's Talk About Mak

Anxious. Excited. I missed him so much that I have already prepared a to-do list the moment I heard he was coming to Alor Setar. Unlike most siblings I know, Hadi, Saiful and I share a strange and ritualistic bond. When we're together, no matter how old we get, we will act and talk and eat like we do ten years ago. We are each other's friends, enemies, victims, jury and judge. Whenever are together, we would flock with each other and ignore everyone around us, making and laughing at our jokes and meticulously preparing pranks just for the sake of it.

My uncles and aunts would scold us for not socializing with everyone else in the family. Well, they just don't understand where we stand. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Hadi's in Alor Setar and Saiful is living with my mother in Sabah so our sibling reunion is limited to a week every year. I have only myself to blame. I masterminded our family disintegration and although I am convinced that it was for the best,

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