Only We Malays Can Be Racist Issit?

I'm not sure how this realization came about but I think it is a grossly unfair impression of the malays because you and I know that everyone else is racist too, chinese and indians alike.

I am racist myself, I have to admit. I am an ardent supporter of UMNO, a malay based political party. I prefer doing business with my own kind (malays). I speak my own language Bahasa Melayu. My lifestyle is dominated by my culture and religion. So yes, evidently, I am one very racist person.

How are you less racist than me? By all means, enlighten me.

I hate it when I have to be more careful of what I speak and write, now more than ever. Today, my own kind are so preoccupied oiling the feathers of ungrateful peacocks, I have to resort to innuendos or I will be considered being blatantly racist.

It's just unfair, you know.

We are all racists and that's a good thing. It becomes a bad thing when it conflicts with Malaysia's development and progress. I think it's awesome that our radio has so many different languages to cater people of diverse backgrounds. Malaysia is different and we should accept that. We're cool that way yo!

So please, calm down my indian and chinese friends. If I write something that insinuates stereotypes, can you just please laugh it off and not call the police. You and I know we are all racists but we never kill each other because of it. You know that, I know that, so chill lah!


Shawal Abd. Rashid said...

yes it's true. evidently, we all racist (in any ways). from what i've learn through sociology, "everyone have their own ethnocentrism".

i know the fact that it is so unfair that we all need be careful of anything we've wrote in this so-called-liberty-nation-dubbed-"the internet". one of my lecturer said, we all should learn the ethics of writing/blogging because our words might evoke some controversial issues, such as; racial issue.

so far, your blog haven't evoke something controversial yet (kudos for that) - except for that "gay muslim" post, where i think there are lotsa comments from some guy.


legit said...

Afiq, it s good at last you realise that the so called freedom and international liberty may be some other races hidden agenda to promote their races interest.

The Malays are the one under duress and under attack and they have a legitimate right to their social and cultural well being.

Unlike the Red Indians in North america, poor souls, they were socially and industrial wise so backward when the European came that they never had the chance to protect their land rights.

This is unlike SEA where Chinese, Arabs, Malays, Japanese are more advanced and hence Indonesia, Malaysia still remains intact.

Thanks to the Japanese who showed thier industrial capabilities by attacking Pearl Harbour, made the europeans realised they are dealing with a more sophisticated culture then their christian based culture.

In fact Japan currently is the most advanced culture currently as can be seen from their high tech products or anime or other system of life.

So remember, legitimate is the word and dont be a Red Indian lost forever except in dance with the wolves..

Nana Eddy said...

love this post. I with you all the way bro..

Anonymous said...

its ok u r racist bro..but do u have to discriminate?..come on...little advantage is ok...but totally denying your fellow malaysian right?...dont u find it sick?