A Message to Future Afiq (Best Video?)

Ada mamat ni tanya dekat Afiq hari tu "What is best video?"

Never mind his Engrand, he wrote the wall comment after reading my criticism of a video he made. Well, he tagged me, what am I to do? But I knew that his feelings were hurt after reading my comments. Maybe he expected me to sugarcoat my reaction like "Well done" or "Congrats"

I don't have an answer to his question. Best is both very subjective and relative. What is 'Best' to me might be just 'Okay' to you.

This is why I am very nervous about tomorrow. Tomorrow is the award ceremony for the Merdeka Video Competition (also known as MAViC) and I am in the top five position. A close confidant of mine thought that I would get over getting nervous because I've been shortlisted in most of the competitions I entered but the simple truth is all the competitions are different.

Different themes, different judges, different criteria and most notably different direction.

My PSA Projek Merdeka Adik is a short and simple story narrated with a pantun about the importance of working together to achieve an ideal Malaysia. In retrospect it symbolizes the struggles of achieving independence. In a more literal sense, it is about a little girl who tries to impress her grandmother with her special Merdeka project in which she fails but with the help of the people around her, she successfully erected a huge ass flag without even realizing it.

A lot of thought was put into this because I know people will interpret it differently so I felt that it is vital that I compose the PSA to resemble an onion. It has to have different layers of understanding so it can be understood by everyone (sometimes without them realizing it).

No, I am not trying to justify my PSA in the event that Projek Merdeka Adik (PMA) didn't win anything tomorrow.

I'm just reminding future Afiq, the Afiq that will read his own blog tomorrow that if he didn't win, it just means that he has to keep on growing. Read your thoughts before, during and after the stages of PMA and figure out what went wrong.

But if you do win, future Afiq. It still doesn't mean you have a midas touch. It simply means that everyone else's PSAs are suckier than yours. But yours is still undoubtedly suckier than the PSAs that you have long admired.

If future Afiq win - Congratulation, now focus on 4 Petang and make the most kick-ass shortie of 2010!

If future Afiq lose - You may cry for a day (Sunday). After the tear fest, focus on 4 Petang and make the most kick-ass shortie of 2010!


Aman Wan said...

Gud luck afiq~! All the best. Aku doakan korang yg terbaik!

Hadi Deen said...

Well i still think u should win.. Future abang, please read what past abang wrote.