Is Namewee A Racist?

A few days before Merdeka Day, Namewee made headlines yet again for a youtube video of his. This time it was about a racist malay principal. You can just watch it here lah:

Okay, so was the video racist? Ergh, Yes and No. I have no idea why a lot of people think it's extemely racist. It didn't slur the malay race (or any other race for that matter) and Namewee's insults were directed to Siti Inshah so if anyone should be angry, it's that racist principal.

But I understand why malays are so angry with Namewee. Here is a person who is openly expressing his thoughts about his view on the dynamism of race relations in our country. He pointed out that the chinese were the ones that made Malaysia rich, which is true if you opt to study the correlation between race and income tax in Malaysia.

True as it may, specifying the chinese race as the main cause of Malaysia's economic prosperity is by itself a racist remark.

We worked together to make this country great therefore we shouldn't attribute a certain race to the success of Malaysia. When Lee Chong Wei was announced the world's no.1 badminton player, did the fact that he's chinese made a difference? No!

When Nicole David reigned as squash's no.1 player, did the fact that she's chindian made any difference to the way the whole country celebrated her victory? No!

When Vince Chong and Jaclyn Victor won Akademi Fantasia and Malaysian Idol (respectively), did the fact that they were chinese and indian made any difference to the viewers' votes? No! If anything at all, more than 70% votes were casted by malay viewers and they still chose a non-malay. Why? Because malays are and were never racist.

But the chinese communities in Malaysia continued with their racist sentiments in their media, business and politics. This is why stupid groups like Perkasa sprung up from oblivion. This is why the malay people let this Ass Monkey by the name of Ibrahim Ali run their errands or reaction.

So if the chinese think that Malaysia is getting more and more intolerant towards chinese people, they should really do some soul searching.

What language do you usually speak?
What school did you sent your children too?
Have you ever invited malays or indians to your parties or weddings?

This ChinaTown mentality has to go if the chinese wants a harmonious relationship with other races in Malaysia. Open the gates to ChinaTown and let everyone in. Let them in. Share your prosperity with the malays and indians. Teach them, nurture them. If you keep on living in that enclosed gold dragon gates of yours, people would either want to break through the gates or make the people living inside it move out to Canada, US or Australia by making them feel alienated in their own land.


tia said...

dia tak racist.dia cakap apa dia rasa tu je.

AhmadN said...

how do I like this post? lol

it's the sad truth of what Malaysia was and becoming.

Fakta said...

Cina boleh balek Cina dan India boleh balek India di ucapkan oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Fakta. Melayu akan kekal hidup dan mati di Tanah Melayu.

Anonymous said...

wow i hate this whole post. way to generalize buddy. a question for ya, has a non-malay/muslim won af since vince?

also to fakta, lol. two words: orang asli.

Anonymous said...

he's not racist at all...

Mie said...

WOW.. dats all i can say.. your post really is mind provoking.. and i think in some way, IT's TRUE after u higlighted some points..
to anonymous, stacy is a non-muslim if im not mistaken.. do ur research first next time..
and afiq never generalize anything or any race, the video by namewee did.. nice post.. really like it..

dian said...

this post is anything but racist.

afiq pointed out mostly correct, but some malays are racist too

si pendiam said...

Everybody's a racist in one way or another.

salute to afiq sebab berani tulis.

Regardless of religion.

weyh, kita semua berak lah it doesn't matter who made malaysian rich.

melayu mati di tanah melayu. Went to italy abt a month ago, they only knew Tanah melayu instead of malaysia.

Scottish hates chinese, talked to a few chinese student there, they're living in fear, kasihan..

I don't know why a chinese has to make a such a big deal on minorities like the malays..chinese are like, EVERYWHERE..we're like, tanah melayu limited edition species..not considering Indonesia, but if you are, since I do come from sumatera, i'm like the 13th generation..then ok lah..tapi kau fahamlah maksud aku kan.

There's a China Town everywhere..

So. why do you think we try so hard to keep everything MALAY in Malaysia?

am I a racist? I don't know, at times I am. My BF is half-chinese and his dad converted to islam at the age of 18 from Christianity.

My bestie is a Chindian,her cousins are malay and chinese, muslims and christian, also hindu and buddha.. and in the past few months more and more of my pan-asian and chinese friends are reverting to Islam.

I read the BIBLE to understand Christianity.

I LOVE Indian food!
but I do think mulut indians sgt laser.
mulut org cina suka kutuk
mulut org melayu suka ckp benda bodoh.

and yeah, STACY was not malay, she was in one way or another chinese kot.

So. yeah. Let's just be tolerant okay.

Like I said, we all berak lah. We all have a heart and breathe the same air!

There's no need to budget kau lagi bagus dari siapa2.

Dah masuk kubur nanti kita tahu2 sendiri kesilapan tak reti nak berbaik dgn manusia.

Ap said...

oh wow..
i love how 'si pendiam' talks about kita semua berak..

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