Projek Merdeka Adik

Finally! It's finished!

PSA Title: Projek Merdeka Adik
Target audience: Children to young teenagers
Theme: Aku dan Merdeka
Budget: RM3000

I know what you're thinking, not enough flag time! The lack of flag shots is actually intentional so people can erect their own flags and enjoy them themselves. Weird approach but I'm winging it!

Writer: Afiq Deen
Director: Afiq Deen
Producers: Azri Ibnu Mohamad & Kabir Kasri
Cinematographer: Syahiran Sukardi
Technical Assistants: Muhammad Siddiqi & Muttaqee Misran
Designers: Eliayes Hamzah & Shafiq Abu Bakar


posurm said...

terlambat sehari la bro.. janjinye semalam..!!
nway tahniah for the completion..!! I like the video..!!

Haidar said...

great vid!i like but i find the way the narrator speaks a bit weird.maybe cuz it's not the usual way malaysians speak you see.nonetheless, good effort and well done!

Ann Alien said...

*wild applause* Love it! Bahasa baku was a surprise but good touch. The poem was what made it great. And that dog! Hahaha somehow that stood out and made me love it even more. Congrats Afiq! And kudos.

Afiq Deen said...

thanks posurm!

You find it weird? It is weird. It is how people recite pantun in competitions actually. People don't really listen or enjoy pantuns anymore so I'm attempting to bring this back.

Thank you Ann! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

i got tears in my

Anoneemus™ said...

Great job, Afiq. I like it very much!! I like the idea of swift flag time, and the cinematography.
Is this the final cut? is this the one we'r going to see on ASTRO?

karina said...

JUst love it! :) U mmg berbakat!

arlina said...

okay this is much much better than the previous one. :)

alice said...

Everything is superb. Awesome cinematography, love the music & narration...An interesting, creatively composed vid :-) Well done!

After I made my eldest sister watch this, I told her...Well there's only one little teeny weeny thing that bothers me tho...And she responded..."I know. The nenek was wearing red lipstick."

sowwy...But overall, this is REALLY good. Many congrats!

jannah said...

love this one! you had a great team working with you. and puteri is brilliant! puteri's 'jeling' gave chills. hahaha and her laugh was real too =) great job on this one!

J said...

forgot to add; brilliant music arrangement, everything fits so brilliantly .

Afiq Deen said...

Yep Anoneemus, this is the final cut, it's the one you'll see on Astro.

Thank you Karina, it's a team effort.

I know right, after the 100th editing, it has to be better than the previous one! Hahahaha!

Thanks Alice! What can I do, my grandmother told me she has to wear lipsticks if she's going to be on TV. I was like "Aiyo tok! merahnyerrr!"

My fav part too. And yes her laugh was real! She's a natural. She's always the best in everyrhing she's in.