Afiq Deen is Going Places

Am I? Do you know the magazine Going Places we browse when we get bored during flights. I used to cilok these magazines all the time so I can keep a copy of a world map (that I think will come in handy)
My cousin went to Hanoi a few days ago and caught a glimpse of me while browsing Going Places. She then took several pictures of the pages and upload them on facebook.

I'm so going to get a copy for myself! If anyone out there has a copy, can you send it to me please please please. Get in contact with me so I can give you my address etc.


Terence said...

hey i saw this issue on my way back from Sydney (which, incidentally, was a trip won from a MAS contest)! but too bad i didn't stuff it in my bag (i normally do :P) because it was too full.

anyway, congrats! i tried looking for your video on the Select thingy which your video was supposed to be featured in but couldn't find it :(

mrHan said...

bro, i read too... waktu flight ke sabah last week... btw congrat bro..